T815 - Phileo Damansara - University Malaya

T815 is a feeder from Phileo Damansara to University Malaya, via Section 16 and 17 Petaling Jaya.
It circulate the entire campus including library, 12 college, Bukit Cinta and Jalan Universiti.

1Phileo Damansara MRT StationSprint HighwayT816, 800
2Tiara DamansaraJalan 17/1T787
3Tiara DamansaraJalan 17/1T787
4UIA PJJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
5UIA MosqueJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
6SMK Sultan Abdul SamadJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
7Mahsa College UniversityJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
8Faculty of Business and AccountancyLingkungan Ilmu
9University Malaya LibraryLingkungan IlmuT789
10Pusat Asasi SainsLingkungan IlmuT789
11Graduate Study InstituteLingkungan Budi
12Fifth CollegeLingkungan Budi
13UM Sports CentreLingkungan Budi
14Tenth CollegeLingkungan Budi
15Faculty of Computer ScienceLingkungan Budi
16APMLingkungan Budi
17Forth CollegeLingkungan Budi
18Pusat Asasi SainsLingkungan Budi
19Faculty of LawLingkungan BudiT789
20First CollegeLingkungan IlmuT789
21Faculty of EngineeringLingkungan IlmuT789
22Faculty of Engineering TowerLingkungan Ilmu
23Mahsa UniversityJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
24Phamaceutical DepartmentJalan UniversitiPJ01, PJ02, T787, T790
25UIA HostelJalan Universiti
26Eastin Hotel Phileo DamansaraSprint Highway
27Phileo Damansara MRT StationSprint HighwayT816, 800


Ainun And Eny said...

Hi , mrt bukit bintang dh buka ke ? .. and klu dri mrt bukit bintang ke monorail dekat ke jauh ?

mypublictransport said...

@Ainun And Eny
Hi, yes MRT is in service now, both MRT Bukit Bintang and Monorail are connected.

Unknown said...

What bus i can take from mrt Phileo Damansara to Jaya one?
Have a bus?

mypublictransport said...

@lkm management
Hi, you can take T786 to UIA then walk to Jaya One.

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