T802 - Kwasa Sentral MRT Station - Subang Bistari

T802  is a feeder bus between Kwasa Sentral MRT Station and Subang Bistari, it is connected to service 772 and T771 by RapidKL, which can link to entire Subang Bistari.

1Kwasa Sentral MRT Station Jalan Sungai BulohMRT, T801, T803, T804
2Kwasa Land OppJalan Sungai Buloh
3Darus Salim Mosque ComplexJalan Sungai Buloh
4Petronas U3Jalan Sungai Buloh
5Subang 2Jalan KosmosT771
6Apollo U5Jalan Apollo U5/189T771
7Apollo U5/192Jalan Apollo U5/192T771
8Bulan U5/JJalan U5/JT771
9Bulan U5/164Jalan U5/164T771
10Subang IdamanPersiaran IdamanT771
11Pangsapuri MentariJalan Matahari U5/107T771
12Pangsapuri OpalJalan Matahari U5/102T771
13Taman Nusa SubangJalan Matahari U5/102T771
14Subang Idaman CommercialJalan Matahari U5/102T771
15Subang BestariPersiaran CakerawaraT771
16Pangsapuri Sri GalaxyPersiaran CakerawaraT771
17Subang Bestari Commercial CentrePersiaran CakerawaraT771
18Subang SuriaJalan Utarid U5/3T771, 772
19Pangsapuri Subang SuriaPersiaran Atmosfera772
20Petaling government QuartersPersiaran Atmosfera772
21Help UniversityPersiaran CakerawaraT771
22Pangsapuri Sri Galaxy Persiaran CakerawaraT771
23Bulan U5/164 ShopsJalan U5/164T771
24Apollo U5/192Jalan Apollo U5/192T771
25Apollo U5Jalan Apollo U5/189T771
26Subang 2 Business CentreJalan KosmosT771
27Star AvenueJalan Sungai BulohT771
28Kwasa LandJalan Sungai BulohT771
29Kwasa Sentral MRT Station Jalan Sungai BulohMRT, T801, T803, T804


Nur Ainun said...

Do i have use t802 to go to pangsapuri opal from 9 Kwasa Sentral MRT Station? Thanks

mypublictransport said...

@Nur Ainun
Hi, yes you can.

Nur Ainun said...

Hi to go to klcc from jalan matahari u5/102 by using public transport ? Thanks

mypublictransport said...

@Nur Ainun
Hi, you can take T771 to Subang Perdana, then take 772 to KL Sentral. Then you can take LRT from KL Sentral to KLCC.

izza razali said...

hi, may I know the earliest time usually the first bus t802 to arrive at jln matahari u5/102?

mypublictransport said...

@izza razali
Hi, it is begins from 6.00am.

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