Bus Rapid Transit Sunway Line

The first ever Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is expected to start operating on 1st June 2015 servicing residents of Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya. It consists of 7 stations from Setia Jaya (Connected with Setia Jaya KTM station) to USJ 7. Prasarana Malaysia Berhad and Sunway Berhad build this first BRT and RapidKL operates the BRT system.

What is BRT?
To those who not sure how BRT works. Here is a simple explanation. Imagine a system that generally assembles the infrastructure, design and services of the rail or metro, but incorporate it with a cheaper and simpler bus system. The typical bus systems in Malaysia are affected by the heavy traffic on roads but this BRT has its own dedicated lanes that can skip the heavy traffic. You can imagine it is a metro or rail system, but what is use to convey passengers is special design bus system.

Eco Friendly Bus
All the buses in BRT Sunway line will be electric powered buses which less emission and noise compared to the normal buses. Buses used by RapidKL in BRT are provided by BYD. The differences between normal buses and BRT buses, besides the electric powered engine, are the location of the door (only one door in the middle) and the special height that design to match with the platform of the  BRT station. The length, capacity and disable friendliness of this bus is not different to the current ultra low floor bus that serve the whole Klang Valley.

Where BRT can bring you to? 
Mypublictransport thinks that the new BRT should serves as the compliment to the current public transport system and by certain level it does meet our expectation in fulfilling and servicing places that currently not serve by any public transport. There are expected to be 7 feeder bus to support the BRT but RapidKL has not make any announcement regarding that. However,let's see how each station can be connected to the current public transport.
Station 1 - Setia Jaya
This station is connected to the current Setia Jaya KTM station. This means that if you are from KL Sentral , Shah Alam or Klang, you can take KTM directly to Setia Jaya, and then take BRT to Bandar Sunway and USJ. It also benefits the Mentari Apartments nearby. RapidKL U80, U81, U64, U65, Causeway Link 58k, Seranas 99 and Cityliner 710 are the buses that stop at Setia Jaya KTM station.
Station 2 - Mentari
Before the BRT, commuters need to walk from Setia Jaya KTM station or Sunway Pyramid to Mentari areas. With BRT, now this area is accessible by public transport. Commuters can now walk to Jalan PJS 8/8 and take RapidKL U63, U67, Metrobus 10 , 13 to Kuala Lumpur.
Station 3 - Sunway Lagoon
Ever since the Minibus 77 not in service anymore, there is no more bus that can directly link to Sunway Lagoon. Commuters need to stop at Sunway Pyramid and walk to Sunway Lagoon. With BRT Sunway Lagoon station, commuters can now come to Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Hotel.
Station 4 - Sunmed
This station is connected to the Sunway Medical Centre.
Station 5 - SunU-Monash
This is the only station that provides Park N Ride facilities. Similar to Station 3 and 4, this station provides access to Sunway University and Monash University without going to Sunway Pyramid.
Station 6 - South Quay
Unfortunately this station is not connected to the more popular Summit, Segi College, Mydin and Giant.This station should be serving the Subang Industrial area.
Station 7 - USJ 7
The ultimate goal of the BRT system is to connect the extended Kelana Jaya line LRT station which will also situated at USJ 7, besides the BRT station. Thus, in future commuters can take LRT from different location and access to Bandar Sunway using the BRT.

Weaknesses of BRT to be addressed
Here is what we think the weakness of this BRT system, and we will continue to update this list.
1. Fares and feeder bus routes are still unclear 1 week prior to launch of the BRT service.
2. The earlier feeder bus route proposal does not actually links with current public transport. This means that if you are taking a bus to Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade or SS15, there is no way to access to BRT.
3. Choices of the location of the BRT stations. It actually only covers very small area of Bandar Sunway and USJ.
4. How much is the willingness of the private car users to switch mode?
5. The claims of RapidKL that 500000 populations of Subang Jaya can benefits from this. However there is no bus that link to most of the station to the BRT stations. For example, if someone is planning to use the  Sun-U Monash Park n Ride system, he may change his mind that actually Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon is nearby, why not just directly drive to the location but to come out from the car and take the BRT which need you to walk more and travel more?

BYD manufactured BRT bus , images from The Star, Wikipedia, and Carlist


Saiyeaa Susan said...

Too expensive! and this the reason why always empty

Unknown said...


mypublictransport said...


Unknown said...

Please help me... how can i go to Monash University near sunway lagoon from putrajaya sentral ?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can take RapidKL 506 to Pusat Bandar Puchong LRT, then take LRT to USJ 7, then you can take BRT to Sun-U Monash Station.

mingpeyyy said...

Hi, is there any bus from subang ktm to sunway pyramid ?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can take RapidKL T770

Zack Raj said...

Hi I'm very new to this place and I'm staying at PJS 7 4 storey flats,how do i get to the nearest LRT Station from my place? My office is in Mahsa University PJ.Kindly guide me Thanks

mypublictransport said...

@Zack Raj
Hi, you can take 783 to SUbang Jaya or Kelana Jaya LRT, then take LRT to Universiti, then you can take T790 to Mahsa University.

Cony Brown said...

Is there any bus from KL Sentra ktm to Sunway lagoon? How about the price?

mypublictransport said...

@Cony Brown
Hi, you can take LRT from KL Sentral to USJ 7, then take BRT from USJ 7 to Sunway Lagoon.

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