Tutorial: How to search routes using Google Maps for Kuala Lumpur

Recently Google and RapidKL manage to include Kuala Lumpur public transport information in Google Maps.In other words, now residents in Klang valley can start to enjoy Google Transit on Google Maps.
You can use Google Transit to

  • Get step-by-step transit directions
  • Find transit stops in your area
  • View station information and schedules
In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to do that.
First, you need to open Google Maps and scroll to Klang valley. You can do that by typing Kuala Lumpur in the search box as well.

Let say you want to go from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) which is the south bound bus terminal, to UTAR Setapak.

1.  Zoom the map to TBS. If you not sure where is TBS on the map, just type TBS at the search box.
2. Then, right click on TBS (anywhere near TBS), and choose "Direction from Here"
3. Then, scroll to UTAR Setapak (Type on the search box to search if you not sure), and right click, then select "Direction to here"
4. So now you get the driving direction between the two places

5. If you familiar with Google Maps, you will realise a new transit icon has been added to Google Maps Malaysia as in other countries where public transport is something normal.
6. Click on the transit icon and you will get the information of traveling using public transport. 


7. Bus stop location, routes information and estimation of arrival time are now available (it was 6.00pm when I post this, so you will see different time when you try). Good Luck!


sabre23t said...

Did you try routing via Google Transit with preference for Buses? There is a distinct lack of buses known in Google Transit system. Example:
(1) BTS to KTAR via bus on GMaps http://g.co/maps/gbzuu
(2) BTS to KTAR via bus on MyRapid http://jp.myrapid.com.my/#from=4301&to=1402&prefer=bus

The latter shows a lot more possible buses, E20+U24 or T405+U47+U24.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, I think Google still updating the bus info especially area 5 and 6 which are still lacking. Few weeks ago I don't see much info on LRT as well but now they are updated. Maybe we should wait for Google to update the bus routes.

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