Guide To Travel Using Express Bus

Express or intercity bus is the most popular mode of transportation to access different parts of Malaysia. It is chosen because of cheaper option, easy acceptability, and flexible. Travelling with express bus has been easy. However, many peoples still struggle with the services. This post will explain how you can plan your trip and have a nice and smooth journey.

How to plan your journey? 
To make sure you can have more time to plan your journey, the arrangement should start at least one or two months before the travel date. After you decide to travel using express bus, it is important to choose a suitable express bus service. You can refer to the following steps.

  1. There are no prejudice but you should always start to look for services from reputable express bus service by e.g. Transnasional, Plusliner, Sri Maju, Maraliner because most likely your destination are covered by them. 
  2. Review a few services from different companies before you make selection. You can always refer to the express bus section in Mypublictransport.
  3. Many information are available online, therefore you can check the location or terminal for departure and arrival. Sometimes in a same city may have different boarding terminal. For example in Kuala Lumpur there are Pudu Sentral (Puduraya), Tasek Selatan, Duta , Putra and Pekeliling terminal. Some executive coaches tend to departs from hotel lobby while some like Plusliner and Nice depart from Kuala Lumpur railway station. 
  4. Always remember there are no faster bus or slower bus. The difference is whether the bus will go many locations before it heading to the final destination or the bus only travels between two points. Usually you can get this info when you check at this site. Normally big operators won't go more than 3 locations in one single journey. 
  5. Most of the time the route for express bus are 90% complete. It means you don't really need to change two buses unless there is totally no direct service between two places. So make sure you really check properly of the route before you decide which service to use.
  6. Plan for the return journey as well. 
After you done your planning, it is time for you to purchase your ticket. 

How to you purchase your express bus ticket ? 
There are many ways where you can get your ticket, what you need to take care are listed below,

  1. If you want to buy your ticket at bus terminal, make sure you always buy at the counter and not any touts that promote you at the roadside or entrance of the terminal. Even some of those touts are coming with their company uniform, but it could be misleading and there are high chances for you to get cheated. 
  2. Online booking are now getting popular. If you decide not to go out to ticketing counter which maybe far from your house, you can always purchase your ticket online. The two most famous booking systems are Konsortium Transnasional Berhard's Ticket4u and E-ticketing groups which cover many bus operators. After you purchase your ticket, you can print out the boarding code and exchange the real ticket 30 minutes before your trip. 
  3. Make sure you double check the ticket information before leaving the counter or any online booking system. Mistake in the information may cost you more money later to replace or change the information in the ticket.
  4. Most of the companies allow you to change your travel tickets with different times or services. Some will allow free changes but some will charge some penalty on the ticket. For example, KTB groups are charging 30% penalty for whoever want to change the travel date and time.
On the day of the trip:
Pay attention to the following points:

  1. It  is very important for you to be in the terminal 30 minutes before the journey so that you have enough time to locate your bus. Unless you are already familiar with the bus company then you should always check with the counter of the location of your bus. In some advanced terminal the boarding info are published on the LED Screen so you can always refer to it.  
  2. You can pack some light food before you board the bus. However, not every food can be bring into the bus as you may disturb other passengers. Make sure you aware of the cleanliness of the bus as well. 
  3. Express bus in Malaysia always come with cold air conditioner. Sometimes you may sit under 20 degree Celsius for long periods. So prepare some jacket to protect yourself from cold.
  4. Take care your belongings properly.

After reading this hope next time you can have a smooth and comfortable journey. You are welcomed to comment. 


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