All Lose Situation For Bus Passengers

Mypublictransport recently observed a situation occurred at some popular bus routes that plied by Metrobus Nationwide had been sabotaged by RapidKL. What happened were very disappointing for bus passengers and all private bus operators.  RapidKL sent out their fleets not to serve the public but to sabotage the operation of other bus company. This act was started few years ago but it getting worst when RapidKL had obtained their new fleets which means they have the full resources in attempt to monopoly Klang valley bus services. 

Case Studies:
Routes Metrobus 12 and RapidKL U85 are "arch rivals" since both of these travel between City Centre to Petaling Jaya SS2. Few years ago Metrobus 12 able to provide accurate bus services with frequency of every 10-15 minutes. However, the condition did not last long since U85 start to provide more buses to compete with Metrobus 12. To understand both routes, please refer to Metrobus 12 route and RapidKL U85 route.  Metrobus 12 starts from Bangkok Bank while RapidKL U85 starts from Pasar Seni LRT Station. Both of them ends at SS2 Petaling Jaya with U85 stops at Taman Paramount LRT Station while Metrobus 12 drives back to Kuala Lumpur immediately. Both these routes only different on how they go till Universiti LRT Station. U85 passes Mid Valley and Federal Highway while Metrobus 12 passes Bangsar and Kerinchi. Lets list down what advantages and disadvantages in both the services.

Metrobus 12 
  • Come with higher frequency, now about 15 to 20 minutes in averaged. Considered high in Klang Valley.
  • Use bus conductor to collect fares, therefore passengers can have their balance back and it speed up the fares collection  process as well.
  • Same drivers and conductors for same route everyday, therefore passengers and bus company relationship are closer.

  • Buses are dirty especially at evening as they did not clean up the bus until they back to depot.
  • Most of the drivers are rude.
  • Bus used by Metrobus are not disabled friendly bus.
  • Always not following the route that they suppose to ply due to competition and traffic condition.

RapidKL U85
  • Buses are clean
  • Monthly card and Touch n Go card services.
  • Drivers wear uniform when working

  • Low frequency with about 30 to 40 minutes but now the situation may temporary change as they keep bring out empty bus every 2 minutes during peak hour. These cause surplus to the this route.
  • Slow ticketing system and no changes of note when pay bus fares.
  • Some of the drivers are rude.
  • Did not follow route as well but not as worst as Metrobus. 
What happening now:
Metrobus continue to wait before move and change their original routes during peak hours.U85 will come with extra high frequency during peak hours and go in front of Metrobus 12 and park there. In common sense high frequency bus services should come with high frequency services but this does not happen in this case. It is sad to say if RapidKL continue with such services, even they have 100 buses for one route, it will still not adequate to provide fast service to the public.

What may happen next:
  • Due to lost, Metrobus 12 may decrease frequency or withdraw their bus from the route as how they did to other before.
  • After taking over, RapidKL stop this kind of sabotage act and provide services with frequency of every one hour. It was proven in some routes near Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya.
  • Passengers spend more time to wait and wait...


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