Tips for travelling with Rapid Penang Bus: Be Civilised

From the author's past experience of using public transport in Malaysia, Malaysian lack of knowledge in fully utilize the public transport services. Here, the author would like to address some of the issue that can improve the public transport service from the responsible of the passengers.

1. Plan your trip before your journey. If you don't know how to go some place, refer to the website or person that know. Don't attempt to ask the bus driver and waste other peoples time.

2. Prepare your small changes for the bus fares. This can reduce time for money changing in the bus. Bus drivers are not encouraged to keep small notes to change with the passengers.

3. Queue up when boarding. Let the old folks go up the bus first. Be civilized.

4. If you are fit and young people, don't occupy the places that are reserved for the disabled.

5. Please reach earlier to the bus stop before your journey. Sometimes if too rush, more problems are created.

6. Please don't eat in the bus. Respect the other passengers

7. Do not put loud speaker just to listen song from your mobile. It is annoying.


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