Seat belts in buses compulsory by 2015

We noticed news exclusive from the Malay Mail that government will implement compulsory passenger seat belts on every express bus. This is to fulfill United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) World Forum on Harmonization of Motor Vehicles Regulations (WP 29) for the transport sector. From our point of views, we think that this step is very encouraging and should be implement much early. Regulations to be followed are listed as below:
R 14 – Safety Belt Anchorages
R 16 – Safety Belts
R 17 – Seats
R 18 – Protection Against Unauthorised Use
R 36 – Construction of Public Service Vehicles
R 66 – Strength of Super Structure (Large Passenger Vehicle)
R 80 – Seat (Large Passenger Vehicle)

For who interest in the regulations, detail documentations can be obtained from UN/.ECE sites.

Some suggestions from us regarding this news.
i. Implementation of different regulations should be done together to save the operator's cost. Operators can have time to purchase new buses that fulfill the regulations. 

ii. R66 and R80 actually are related. R66 can ensure even the bus is roll over, the structure still maintain and protects the passengers. To make sure it can be done, the seat structure has to be integrated with the R66 and R80 standards. 


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