Win a Free Ticket From Transnasional and Nice Express Bus

Now, by collecting 12 Transnasional or Nice Express Bus tickets, you will be given a free travel ticket from Transnasional or Nice Express Bus from the project call "Perjalanan Selamat". However, the follow requirements must be follow.

1. The free ticket given will be based on the lowest price among the 12 tickets collected.
2. The free ticket only applies to Transnasional Economy class, Club Class, Skydeck, Skyview and Nice Executive Coach only.
3. The collected 12 "Perjalanan Selamat" ticket must be from different travel time and date.
4. Adult and children tickets cannot be mixed as 12 "Perjalanan Selamat" ticket.
5. The company can cancel the deal anytime.

However, it is good to hear from the largest public transport operator in Malaysia, the KTB Group is willing to give such offer to his loyal passengers.


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