Route 141 Penang Sentral - Mak Mandin - Taman Mesra Reopened under Rangkayan Setia

Route 141 which previously closed at 31 December 2010, was reopened under other operator from Penang, Rangkaiyan Setia. Currently, only one bus was provided by Rangkaiyan Setia and it was not sure whether the service will be permanent. Previously, residences at Mak Mandin have enjoyed reliable bus service of route 141, which is operated by United Traction Co.(UTC). However, since the termination of service of route 141, residences at Mak Mandin have to wait for more than 30 minutes and sometimes more than 2 hours for the unreliable route 605 by Rapid Penang. It is hoped that the reopened of 141 can provide more options to the peoples at Mak Mandin and Bagan. 


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