RapidKL Ticketing System

RapidKL Bus, LRT and Monorail system provides many types of monthly card or travel card that help to save time and money of the public. However, lack of information at the official website or terminals, passengers are mostly confused by the structure. This post will explain about various type of travelling card and suggest how you can use the card wisely.

This page will not show you the fares structure of RapidKL buses and LRT system. To view more information about fares structure. Please go to Bus Fares and LRT Fares - Kelana Jaya Line -- Ampang Line.

So, for those who travels daily with RapidKL, the following monthly passes are for you.

RapidPass Tempatan
Valid for all routes on RapidKL Tempatan bus routes only. This is suitable for those who only used RapidKL Tempatan buses. (Buses number start with T, the local line).
Price: RM40 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb.

RapidPass Bas
Valid for all routes on the RapidKL Tempatan, Bandar dan Utama bus routes. This means that you can use this card for all the RapidKL buses (Not for shuttle bus or express bus). No matter U, T ,B, or BET.
Price: RM100 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb.

RapidPass Intergrasi
Valid for all Tempatan, Bandar, Utama and Ekspress bus routes and on Kelana Jaya Line LRT, Ampang Line LRT and Monorail services
Price: RM150 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb for buses. Scan for enter or exit the gate for LRT/Monorail Services.

RapidPass Semua Konsesi

Valid for all routes on the Tempatan, Bandar and Utama routes *restricted to students in uniform, elderly people 60 years and above and the disabled(OKU)
Price: RM50 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb.

If you are students, then you should go for these:

RapidPass Pelajar Bas
Rapidpass pelajar is a monthly students’ travel pass which offers 50% discounts for students. Card may be used for unlimited rides for 30 days on all RapidKL bus services; Utama, Bandar and Tempatan, except Ekspres. The card can be obtained only at Pasar Seni LRT Station.
Price: RM50 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb. 

RapidPass Pelajar Integrasi
Rapidpass pelajar is a monthly students’ travel pass which offers 50% discounts for students. Card may be used for unlimited rides for 30 days on all RapidKL services; Bus (including Ekspres), LRT and Monorail
Price: RM100 per Month
Type of Card : Touch and Go Usage : Scan once when climb. 

Public that travel frequently using the LRT and Monorail can use the store value tickets.

However, those cards above are basically monthly card or stored value card. Sometimes you may just want to travel frequently for only let say 3 days, 7days, or 2 weeks, then you can opt for the RapidPass with Flexi Function. The card comes with Tough and go. Riders can just scan once for the buses and entrance/ exit for LRT/Monorail. The advantages of this system are its flexibility and reload at any LRT Station.

So, now you don't want to use the monthly card, because you are only using RapidKL services once awile, then , the new touch and go bus ticketing system are suitable for you. 

Basically, rider need to buy a new touch and go card on the bus if they do not have one. Old touch and go cards are able to function in this new system. The minimum amount for purchasing the card is RM5.00. Rm2.00 will be used for deposit and the deposit will be returened once the owner return the card to RapidKL. Rider can then reload their card on the bus as well but with only Rm1.00, Rm5.00, Rm10.00 and Rm50.00 notes. Rm0.50 will be charge for each of the reload transaction. For those who just purchase a new card, they do not need to scan the card on the machine as it is automatically counted by the system. They are only require to scan before they step out from the bus so that the fares will be returned to the users. Everytime when the card is scan when someone climbs the bus, maximum fares for that single journey will be charge. The balance will be returned once the user scan again before leaving the bus. For example, Pasar Seni to Kota Damansara (U88), the rider only want to go SS2, Petaling Jaya. So when he or she scan the card , Rm3.00 will be minus from the balances. Then the card is scan again at SS2, RM0.50 will be returned to the user and only Rm2.50 was charged. Discounts of 20% are given until end of May 2011. Make sure that you have balances more than the maximum journey.  

Have a safe and easy journey.


HD said...

i will be waiting for your reply back please try to give better service to your customer's ...thanks

Carbon said...

How about Rapidpass LRT (RM100)? They don't sell anymore?

mypublictransport said...

@Beauty Pic
RapidPass LRT still available.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I got a Touch n Go card with preloaded RM10.00 when I attended a talk with CIMB bank. It is just a special design card from CIMB, not a Zing card.

The back of the card shows that I can use for several ways such as toll, bus, LRT, food, petrol, movie, shooping, hospital, etc.

I tried in in the KL sentral when i want to bus the ticket from KL sentral to Kelana Jaya LRT station, but the machine cannot detect my card (no response from the machine).

Can anyone guide me how to use the Tounch n Go card for bus ticket, LRT ticket and buy food?


Unknown said...

Sorry for another post as I have questions about reading this info about the PapidKL pass.

I would like to ask whether I am able to use my red colour CIMB Touch n Go card to scan with the machine when I step into and exit the bus.

My card is not a Zing card. What I saw people who scanned their card is the black colour card with RapidKL word on it.

Could you advise me please. Thanks a lot.

mypublictransport said...

@Jeromy Chin
Have you try your CIMB touch and go card on other machine. You can test it on the CIMB ATM machine to see whether the card is working. Normally you just need to scan and use the card.
For Rapid Pass, it is specially activated through the counter. It works as monthly card so it is scan on another machine. You need to activate the Rapid Pass using your current card for the purpose.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply.

1. Can I know what do you meant by activate and how can I perform this?

2. Can I just use it on the machine next to the bus driver when I exit and enter into the bus?

3. What is the minimum amount that I need to maintain in the card?

4. Where can I reload in some amount such as RM10.00? This is because the minimum amount to reload using ATM is RM50.00 which is dangerous if I lose the card.

mypublictransport said...

@Jeromy Chin
1. You need to go to RapidKL counter at LRT station to activate your card to Rapidpass.
2. Yes but note there are two different types of machine, one is for normal touch and go, another is for rapidpass. Both are using RFID technology and so call touch n go.
3. Rm3.
4. You can reload at LRT station.

Unknown said...

I have tried to use my car to bus bus ticket when I stepped into the bus. The system said'Kad tidak besar' so it means i need to reload more money right?

Is the rapidpass and my CIMB TnG carry the same function?


mypublictransport said...

@Jeromy Chin
Oh this is tricky, you need to go to RapidKL touch n go main branch at KL Sentral for more details. Sorry really don't know how to help you.

Justine said...

Hi, may I know what is the procedure if I lost my student rapidpass?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, please refer to RapidKL for this issue.

Nurul'Ain Ali said...

Hi there. Thanks for the info.. Here is the thing. Im a student and i think i need to buy rapidpass student integrasi card. Do you think it is really worth it as im only going to use it only on saturday n sunday. And yeah.. Im newbie. Is Monorel line is include ampang line and kelana jaya line? Hee.. Do u give ur opinion.. Thank you so much...

mypublictransport said...

@Nurul'Ain Ali
It depends on where you usually travel during Saturday and Sunday. Monorail line are different from Ampang/Kelana Jaya Line, however, the Rapidpass can be used on both of them. You can calculate the total fares needed for the journey and the number of days you gonna use it, then you can be more sure whether the card is worth or not.

Afiqah A. said...

hi. i know i am a year late but i found my rapidpass pelajar from when i was in high school. i just finished high school and now waiting for my spm result. my card doesnt expire until 2015. the balance in it was RM0.60 i checked using the SmartTag. I was wondering if i can still use my card for touch n go purposes? and if so, where will i have to top up the value in the card? can i use it for smart tag as well or is it strictly touch n go? hope you will reply me asap. :)

mypublictransport said...

@Atiqah Ariff
Hi, your card is a touch n go card, so you can't use it for SmartTag. You can reload your card at any of the Petronas Petrol station, LRT station or some Bank ATM, or any reload center.

Unknown said...

kenapa RapidPass integrasi aku tak boleh detect oleh system TouchNGo dalam bus? Bolehkah aku tunjuk kad integrasi aku dengan resit sahaja semasa naik bus?

mypublictransport said...

@Tang jun ming
Hi, please check with RapidKL regarding this.

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