Putrajaya Sentral Express Bus Terminal

Putrajaya Sentral express bus terminal located at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Transport Terminal. Putrajaya KLIA Transit station is right beside. Nadi Putra and RapidKL buses can be used to travel around Putrajaya.
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Address of Terminal:


Location Map of Putrajaya Sentral Express Bus Terminal.

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Express buses depart from this terminal:

8.05PM RM49.90 RM37.50
KUALA PERLIS 8.05PM RM46.90 RM35.20
KUALA KANGSAR 8.50AM RM25.70 RM19.30
3.00PM RM25.70 RM19.30
7.30PM RM25.70 RM19.30
LUMUT 7.20AM RM28.50 RM21.40
2.05PM RM28.50 RM21.40
8.50PM RM28.50 RM21.40
TELUK INTAN 7.20AM RM18.20 RM13.70
2.05PM RM18.20 RM13.70
8.50PM RM18.20 RM13.70
ALOR SETAR 12.05PM RM43.10 RM32.40
MELAKA 8.00AM RM16.40 RM12.30
12.00PM RM16.40 RM12.30
4.00PM RM16.40 RM12.30
8.00PM RM16.40 RM12.30
BATU PAHAT 9.00AM RM24.30 RM18.30
2.30PM RM24.30 RM18.30
8.00PM RM24.30 RM18.30
JOHOR BAHRU 10.00PM RM35.20 RM26.40
MERSING 11.00AM RM33.70 RM26.40
MUAR 9.00AM RM20.10 RM15.10
2.30PM RM20.10 RM15.10
8.00PM RM20.10 RM15.10
KUANTAN 9.30AM RM26.00 RM19.50
3.30PM RM26.00 RM19.50
DUNGUN 10.00AM RM37.00 RM27.80
10.00PM RM37.00 RM27.80
KEMAMAN 10.00AM RM33.40 RM25.50
10.00PM RM33.40 RM25.50
10.00PM RM42.60 RM32.00
KOTA BHARU 9.25AM RM44.20 RM33.20
9.25PM RM44.20 RM33.20
10.00PM RM49.90 RM37.50
KUALA PERLIS 9.30AM RM47.00 RM35.30
10.00PM RM47.00 RM35.30
PADANG BESAR 9.30AM RM50.20 RM37.40
10.00PM RM50.20 RM37.40
ALOR SETAR 9.30AM RM43.10 RM32.30
10.00PM RM43.10 RM32.30
BALING 7.30PM RM38.60 RM29.00
KULIM 7.30PM RM37.60 RM28.30
SUNGAI PETANI 9.30PM RM38.30 RM28.70
BUTTERWORTH 9.30PM RM35.30 RM26.50
PENANG 10.45PM RM39.00 RM29.30
AIR TAWAR 9.15AM RM28.50 RM21.40
3.15PM RM28.50 RM21.40
BATU GAJAH 9.15AM RM22.30 RM16.80
3.15PM RM22.30 RM16.80
BOTA 9.15AM RM24.40 RM18.40
3.15PM RM24.40 RM18.40
IPOH 9.30AM RM21.40 RM16.10
1.30PM RM21.40 RM16.10
6.30PM RM21.40 RM16.10
10.00PM RM21.40 RM16.10
KROH 7.30PM RM45.80 RM35.90
LUMUT 9.15AM RM28.50 RM21.40
3.15PM RM28.50 RM21.40
MANJUNG 9.15AM RM28.50 RM21.40
3.15PM RM28.50 RM21.40
SRI ISKANDAR 9.15AM RM24.40 RM18.40
3.15PM RM24.40 RM18.40
SEREMBAN 9.00AM RM4.30 RM3.20
1.00PM RM4.30 RM3.20
2.45PM RM4.30 RM3.20
6.45PM RM4.30 RM3.20
9.00PM RM4.30 RM3.20
JOHOR BAHRU 9.00AM RM29.00 RM21.90
1.00PM RM29.00 RM21.90
2.45PM RM29.00 RM21.90
6.45PM RM29.00 RM21.90
9.00PM RM29.00 RM21.90
KUANTAN 11.00AM RM26.00 RM19.60
2.00PM RM26.00 RM19.60
9.00PM RM45.50 RM23.00
KOTA BHARU 8.30AM RM45.50 RM23.00
9.00PM RM45.50 RM23.00
KUALA BESUT 8.30AM RM45.50 RM23.00
MACHANG 8.30AM RM45.50 RM23.00
9.00PM RM45.50 RM23.00
PASIR MAS 8.30AM RM47.00 RM23.50
9.00PM RM47.00 RM23.50
PASIR PUTIH 8.30AM RM45.50 RM23.00
9.00PM RM45.50 RM23.00
9.00PM RM47.00 RM23.50
TANAH MERAH 8.30AM RM45.50 RM23.00
9.00PM RM45.50 RM23.00


Emry Faridz said...

is there a luggage storage in putrajaya sentral?

mypublictransport said...

@Emry Faridz
Not sure about this.

森林 said...

may i knw the time of Express buses depart from melaka to putrajaya central?

mypublictransport said...

You can use Transnasional express bus from Melaka to Putrajaya Central, do check the transnasional bus website for the schedule.

panasonix said...

is there any bus to segamat, Johor?

mypublictransport said...

No. You need to go to TBS.

Back Seat Driver said...

Does the bus to Kuala Besut leave only once a day at 8:30 pm?

mypublictransport said...

@Back Seat Driver
Yes. You can also choose to Jerteh and use taxi to Kuala Besut or go to Hentian Putra for more buses.

syaiphol izani said...

Is there any bus to melaka sentral depart @ 6pm? Thanks

mypublictransport said...

@syaiphol izani
No. You need to go to TBS for buses to Melaka.

Azlan said...

No night bus to Kuala Besut?

mypublictransport said...


roshini rajamanicam said...

1. Is the Plusliner buses is available from Seremban to Putrajaya Sentral? wat is the schedule? The rate also same?

2. Buses to Manjung by Plusliner...? Only have 2 per day? Any night buses available? :(

mypublictransport said...

@roshini rajamanicam
1. No Plusliner from Seremban to Putrajaya.

2. Yes only 2 per trip and no night bus. 9.15am and 3.15pm.

Saw Zhao Yong said...

is that any express bus to johor bahru from putrajaya sentral?because i can not find it

mypublictransport said...

@Saw Zhao Yong
Yes you can use Plusliner. You can search it using the booking tool on our site.

Saw Zhao Yong said...

is that any Plusliner office in putrajaya sentral?because i dont know how to online booking :(

mypublictransport said...

@Saw Zhao Yong
Yes, you can find it at Putrajaya Sentral.

sebu said...

is there a bus to alor setar on 25 july at night from putrajaya or kajang central?

mypublictransport said...

Yes you can use Plusliner. Just use the search tool from our site to search and book.

sucitra suci said...

can i go to banting from putrajaya sentral?? which bus should i take????

mypublictransport said...

@sucitra suci
No. You need to use taxi. By using bus you may need 3 to 4 hours.

wanting tay said...

are the buses depart from putrajaya to batu pahat still available every day?

mypublictransport said...

@wanting tay
No. You need to go to TBS for buses to Batu Pahat

Marinis Nyambong said...

may i know which bus i should take from Ipoh to Putrajaya Sentral??

mypublictransport said...

@Marinis Nyambong
You can use Plusliner. For detail please check using the booking tool on our site.

nornarieyza rosli said...

are there buses to melaka from putrajaya central & where can I buy it ?

mypublictransport said...

@nornarieyza rosli
No. You need to use bus to TBS and then only use KLIA Transit to Putrajaya.

nordiana nordin said...

Is there any bus depart from putrajaya to batu pahat? What time?

mypublictransport said...

@nordiana nordin
No. You need to go TBS.

a:pat said...

This schedule created on 2011, any updated schedule for 2013 or latest?

82 said...

hai, is there any bus service depart from sentral to istana kehakiman, putrajaya corporation complex or somewhere nearby??

mypublictransport said...

No problem with that, almost all Nadi Putra bus at the Sentral will go to Istana Keadilan.

82 said...

saturday also got bus services??

mypublictransport said...


nordiana nordin said...

But schedule above shown there is buses to batu pahat. Transnasional bus. It is right?

mypublictransport said...

@nordiana nordin
You are right. Sorry for the misleading comment previously.

nordiana nordin said...

Its ok. Then how from putrajaya to seremban. Is there any buses express or shuttle buses? Sorry.

mypublictransport said...

@nordiana nordin
Yes you can use SKS Bus from Putrajaya to Seremban

nikkibelle89 said...

hi..do you provide any info on tickets availability?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can use the bus ticket booking tool on the site to check the ticket availability

Sweet Sha said...

Boleh buat kiriman barang sahaja melalui bas?

mypublictransport said...

@Sweet Sha
Yes please check with the related bus company, normally they are willing to do so.

YenYen said...

May i no at Hentian Putrajaya have any bus to Penang?

mypublictransport said...

Yes. Please check using the booking tool from our site.

hazin hasidin said...

hi there.. i need to check a trip to chini, pahang. no bus available? where do i need to go to buy a ticket to chini. can you advise?

mypublictransport said...

@hazin hasidin
Hi, you need to go to Terminal Putra for buses to Chini. You can book the ticket using the booking tool on our site without going to the counter.

Si-Am Blog said...

Is there bus depart from Putrajaya Sentral to Malacca? I cannot find in online booking.

mypublictransport said...

@Si-Am Blog
Yes there are. You can use the booking tool on our site.

Don Friend said...

Can I go to Sepang beach from Putrajaya bus station?

mypublictransport said...

@Don Friend
You need to use taxi.

syaiphol izani said...

Any bus to bandar pusat jengka?

mypublictransport said...

@syaiphol izani
Hi, you can use Jengka Liner

Aisyah Ali said...

any bus to seri iskandar?

mypublictransport said...

@Aisyah Ali
Hi, you can use S&S International bus.

Ting Cindy said...

I want to go kuantan. From KLIA2 to Kuantan. around 8/9pm. any?

mypublictransport said...

@Tindy Cindy
Hi, you need to go to Puduraya or Pekeliling station for buses to Kuantan. You can use KLIA Transit to TBS, then use LRT to Plaza Rakyat or Titiwangsa.

HafizZz said...

I am planning to go Jerteh,terengganu on this 25July ,yesterday im going to sentral to ask for ticket.But the counter said its unavailable at now....when will the ticket sold?I need two way ticket

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can start to get the ticket only one month from the travel date. Ticket for Hari Raya usually sells one month earlier and some company accept early booking through online.

Skyline said...

Bus from Jb to Putrajaya? Time? Kindly let me know ASAP. Thanks.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, the time and service are different from time to time. Suggest you to check using our booking tool for latest information. Usually Plusliner provides such service.

Zi-Wei Lim said...

can i have the counter number of KONSORTIUM TRANSNASIONAL BERHAD (Counter of Putrajaya Sentral)? Please reply as fast as possible.

norhazura moah said...

Is there any bus from putrajaya to muar

mypublictransport said...

@norhazura moah
Hi, you need to go to TBS for buses to Muar.

~ si ijan ~ said...

is there any bus from putrajaya to klang? what time and operator? thanks

mypublictransport said...

@~ si ijan ~
No direct bus from Klang to Putrajaya. You can use KLIA transit and KTM between Klang and Putrajaya.

mat safian said...

There is available ticket to kuala terengganu on 26july 14?..asap

mypublictransport said...

@mat safian
HI, you can check using the booking tool on our site.

Grasyapasginta said...

Hi, how do I go to KLIA2 from Putrajaya bus terminal?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can take KLIA Transit from Putrajaya to KLIA2.

Farizul Zakaria said...

Are only three companies who operate in Putrajaya?

mypublictransport said...

@Farizul Zakaria
Hi, there are more, you can check using the booking tool.

ashraf azmi said...

Hi, can i use the softcopy ticket instead of printing it out in order to board the bus? I have purchase ticket for transnasional through online (Putrajaya - Muar)

mypublictransport said...

@ashraf azmi
Hi, you need to go to the counter and show to them that you purchased the ticket and they will print the ticket for you.

nurul aida said...

hi,where can I buy SKS ticket to Seremban from Putrajaya?what time are available and how much the rate?thanks

mypublictransport said...

@nurul aida
Hi, you can get the ticket at the counter near Putrajaya Sentral. If I not mistaken, buying ticket on bus is also possible.

geeva said...


May I know what bus we need to take from serdang KTM to Putra jaya central . And, what time bus available in morning.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can take RapidKL U42, Metrobus 68. They normally comes every 30 min.

bunga said...

is there any bus to penang or alor star at noon or evening?

mypublictransport said...

Yes, you can take Plusliner bus at noon or evening. You can get the ticket from the booking tool from our site.

Qarina Hasyita said...

The price always same?

mypublictransport said...

@Qarina Hasyita
No. During peak periods, customer always need to pay the surcharge.

meor fuad said...

Bas dari putrajaya ke Taiping ada x...??
kalau x ade saya nak tumpang bas boleh x..??
saya turun di perhentian..

mypublictransport said...

@meor fuad
Hi, there is no direct bus from Putrajaya to Taiping, but you can take KLIA Transit to Tasik Selatan and take Transnasional bus to Taiping/Kamunting.

박진영 said...

how long does it take to go to Melaka from Putrajaya? I think I'm gonna take 12pm bus.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, it is less than 2 hours.

박진영 said...

these time tables are same as weekend?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, express bus time tables are usually the same. To get the latest time, please check the booking tool on our site.

Mones Zarzour said...

Is there any bus is going to kuala Perlis tonight I'm looking for a seat in cosmic bus company?

mypublictransport said...

@Mones Zarzour
Hi, please check using the booking tool on top of our site.

Brian Choi Pei An said...


What is the best route from MMU Cyberjaya to KDU University College Glenmarie Utropolis in Shah Alam?

Also pls kindly state the rates and aprrox time needed:)


mypublictransport said...

@Brian Choi Pei An
Hi, since there is no bus entering Glenmarie, you'll better take taxi/uber directly from MMU to Glenmarie.


Can i have any phone number that I can whatsapp to ask anything about tickets booking...?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, sorry we don't handle that.

anonymous said...

Is there a transport (bus/train) from putrajaya to shah alam aeon mall?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you need to first take KLIA transit or 500 to KL Sentral, then take RapidKL 750 to Shah Alam bus terminal, then you can take 754 to Aeon Mall Section 13.

artisan gallery said...

Do u have buses to kota tinggi, johor?

mypublictransport said...

@artisan gallery
Hi, please check using the booking tool on our site.

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