Puchong Express Bus Terminal

Puchong express bus terminal located at Jalan Prima 5/4 and outside Puchong Tesco.

Address of Terminal:


Express buses depart from this terminal:

  ALOR SETAR 12.45PM RM43.10 RM32.40
  KOTA BHARU 8.45AM RM44.20 RM33.20
    8.45PM RM44.20 RM33.20
  RANTAU PANJANG 8.45PM RM49.30 RM36.30
  KANGAR 12.45PM RM46.90 RM35.20
    8.45PM RM46.90 RM35.20
  KUALA PERLIS 8.45PM RM46.90 RM35.20
  DUNGUN 9.15AM RM36.00 RM27.00
    9.15PM RM36.00 RM27.00
  KEMAMAN 9.15AM RM32.40 RM24.30
    9.15PM RM32.40 RM24.30
    9.15PM RM41.60 RM31.20
    9.00PM RM45.90 RM34.90
  KUALA PERLIS 9.00PM RM45.90 RM34.90
  ALOR SETAR 1.00PM RM42.10 RM31.60
  KUALA KANGSAR 9.30AM RM24.70 RM18.60
    3.40PM RM24.70 RM18.60
    8.10PM RM24.70 RM18.60
  LUMUT 8.00AM RM27.50 RM20.70
    2.45PM RM27.50 RM20.70
    9.30PM RM27.50 RM20.70
  TELUK INTAN 8.00AM RM17.20 RM13.00
    2.45PM RM17.20 RM13.00
    9.30PM RM17.20 RM13.00
  MELAKA 8.30AM RM15.40 RM11.60
    12.40PM RM15.40 RM11.60
    8.40PM RM15.40 RM11.60
  BATU PAHAT 9.40AM RM23.30 RM17.50
    3.10PM RM23.30 RM17.50
    8.40PM RM23.30 RM17.50
  JOHOT BAHRU 9.45PM RM34.20 RM25.70
  MERSING 12.00PM RM32.70 RM25.40
  MUAR 9.40AM RM19.10 RM14.40
    3.10PM RM19.10 RM14.40
    8.40PM RM19.10 RM14.40
  KUANTAN 10.00AM RM26.00 RM19.50
    4.00PM RM26.00 RM19.50
  DUNGUN 9.00AM RM36.00 RM27.00
    9.00PM RM36.00 RM27.00
  KEMAMAN 9.00AM RM32.40 RM24.30
    9.00PM RM32.40 RM24.30
    9.00PM RM41.60 RM31.20
  KOTA BHARU 8.30AM RM43.20 RM32.40
    8.30PM RM43.20 RM32.40
PUCHONG KANGAR 10.00AM RM46.10 RM34.60
    10.30PM RM46.10 RM34.60
  KUALA PERLIS 10.00AM RM46.10 RM34.60
    10.30PM RM46.10 RM34.60
  PADANG BESAR 10.00AM RM49.30 RM36.90
    10.30PM RM49.30 RM36.90
  ALOR SETAR 10.00AM RM42.20 RM31.60
    10.30PM RM42.20 RM31.60
  BALING 8.00PM RM37.70 RM28.30
  KULIM 8.00PM RM36.70 RM27.60
  SUNGAI PETANI 10.00PM RM37.40 RM28.00
  BUTTERWORTH 10.00PM RM34.40 RM25.80
  PENANG 11.15PM RM38.10 RM28.60
  AIR TAWAR 9.45AM RM27.60 RM20.70
    3.45PM RM27.60 RM20.70
  BATU GAJAH 9.45AM RM21.40 RM16.10
    3.45PM RM21.40 RM16.10
  BOTA 9.45AM RM23.50 RM17.70
    3.45PM RM23.50 RM17.70
  IPOH 10.00AM RM20.40 RM15.70
    2.00PM RM20.40 RM15.70
    7.00PM RM20.40 RM15.70
    10.30PM RM20.40 RM15.70
  KROH 8.00PM RM44.90 RM35.20
  LUMUT 9.45AM RM27.60 RM20.70
    3.45PM RM27.60 RM20.70
  MANJUNG 9.45AM RM27.60 RM20.70
    3.45PM RM27.60 RM20.70
  PENGKALAN HULU 8.00PM RM38.90 RM29.20
  SRI ISKANDAR 9.45AM RM23.50 RM17.70
    3.45PM RM23.50 RM17.70
  SEREMBAN 10.00AM RM6.10 RM4.60
    1.30PM RM6.10 RM4.60
    3.15PM RM6.10 RM4.60
    7.15PM RM6.10 RM4.60
    9.30PM RM6.10 RM4.60
  JOHOR BAHRU 10.00AM RM29.90 RM22.50
    1.30PM RM29.90 RM22.50
    3.15PM RM29.90 RM22.50
    7.15PM RM29.90 RM22.50
    9.30PM RM29.90 RM22.50
  KUANTAN 11.30AM RM25.10 RM18.90
    2.30PM RM25.10 RM18.90


ania said...

can i change my ticket date by 27.8.2011 to 25.8.2011?

mypublictransport said...

We do not provide any bus ticket booking services. If you bought ticket from Transnasional or Plusliner, you can go back to the counter u purchased and request to change. 30% penalties will be charged and only subject to if there are available seats at the date you request.

silentphobia said...

ada no tepon tak ..? utk call tanye tiket ada lagi ke tak?

mypublictransport said...

Which company you prefer?

morethanwords said...

i want to buy tickets to penang. only plusliner provide transport to penang?
besides, is the ticket counter besides tesco puchong or somewhere else?

mypublictransport said...

Only Plusliner have services from Puchong to Pnang. The ticket counter for Transnasional / Plusliner

morethanwords said...


ahmad esyad said...

tiket dri puchong ke kangar pada 7 atau 8 aribulan 4 masih ada/

ahmad esyad said...

ticket going to kangar from puchong tesco at 7.4.2012 still have?

mypublictransport said...

@ahmad esyad
You can check with Transnasional and Plusliner

ahmad esyad said...

tq so much

Nice Hijab~ said...

Kalau nak pergi ipoh,kena ambil bas yang dekat puchong prima atau tesco?

mypublictransport said...

@Nice Hijab~
You can choose either one.

Unknown said...

Where the Buses for PUCHONG TESCO will depart, Is it Near IOI mall, LDP.

mypublictransport said...

They will depart from bus hub in front of TESCO

.its all about me:anis fariheen. said...

salam, tiket ke temerloh atau mentakab ada x dari tesco puc?

mypublictransport said...

@.its all about me:anis fariheen.
Sorry it is not available.

メイア said...

is there any bus available form puchong to seremban on 16th August (thurs) at 1:30pm? May I know where is the terminal?

mypublictransport said...

You can use the following site to check the availability of the bus tickets and the terminal.

Chris said...

I bought a ticket from Plusliner online, where can I go exchange for bus ticket in Puchong for pickup at Tesco Puchong to Kuantan?

mypublictransport said...

You can exchange your ticket in the Transnasiona/Plusliner counter inside Tesco.

AkmaSaffiya said...

The bus hub is BEHIND Tesco Puchong.

Nicole said...

i just purchased a plusliner ticket online from puchong tesco to penang. where do i go to collect my ticket plus where does the bus depart from?

mypublictransport said...

The bus departs from Tesco Puchong. The counter is inside the shopping mall.

Shane Cristobal said...

where can I buy ticket? because I live near Tesco Puchong. can I purchase ticket directly?

mypublictransport said...

@Shane Cristobal
You can buy the ticket from the ticket counter inside Tesco Puchong

Tamilan said...

hi what time tiket is avaiable frm puchong tesco to penang on fridy 14/9/12 thx

mypublictransport said...

You can check with plusliner website regarding this.

coffee said...

I bought a ticket from Plusliner online, where can I go exchange for bus ticket in Kangar for pickup at Terminal Kangar to Puchong Tesco?

ZA said...

Tiket to penang still available or not for this coming thursday night...pls advise

mypublictransport said...

You can check out the following link

Tan Wh said...

Mind to ask, any bus stop in Komtar Penang bus station?

mypublictransport said...

@Tan Wh
For your information, Komtar is local bus terminal and not express bus terminal. However some of the bus do stop at Komtar, please check the bus online booking system on our site for detail.

beautiful life said...

Hi is there any contact number for me to call the counter near Puchong Tesco?

Foo Yong Hau said...

may i know which 1 is the puchong Tesco? bcoz there are 2 Tesco in puchong.. 1 of the Tesco is near to the IOI MALL, another 1 is in Bandar Puchong Utama... can u let me know?

mypublictransport said...

@Foo Yong Hau
This one is the Tesco nearer to IOI Mall.

✖XiaOw3n✖ said...

can i ask about:
i bought a ticket at 17may depart from Kuala Perlis to KL which is under plusliner company,
but now i want to change it to 18May depart from Sg.Petani to Kajang which is under Transnasional.
can I make it?

mypublictransport said...

You need to check with Transnasional and Plusliner

gucci shillas said...

Boleh bg no tel bas kt tesco puchong x.

mypublictransport said...

@gucci schillas
Which company of bus you need?

Atracetasha Aloysius said...

Hi, may i ask does plusliner provide ticket to alor star kedah on7/8/2014? If no, which company bus provide thanks

mypublictransport said...

@Atracetasha Aloysius
Hi you can check it using the booking tool on our site.

Mh Beh said...

Depart from Puchong Tesco, near Tesco there.
Depart from Puchong Prima, Taman Puchong Prima.
Where exactly is this Depart from 'Puchong'.

If I were to come on 27th August 2013 to purchase my tickets from Puchong Tesco to Johor Bahru for the 10am_27th Aug ticket, will it still be available?

Mh Beh said...

Where exactly is 'Depart from Puchong' mean?

Can I buy ticket from Tesco Puchong to JB on the 27th August on that day itself? 10 am

mypublictransport said...

@Mh Beh
The whole sentences should be "Depart from Puchong Tesco" and "Depart from Puchong Prima". You can check whether the ticket still available using the booking tool on the site.

@biera said...

Depart from Puchong you mean doesn't have? Only Tesco Puchong and Puchong Prima have now? That's your mean? But depart from puchong have tickets to JB 10am. Prima Puchong or Tesco Puchong there is not a ticket to JB 10 am anyway? Can u please help me. I dont know more about the puchong bustand anyway. I from Putra Perdana. Im new in Puchong. Tq. :)

mypublictransport said...

You can use RapidKL U69 to Tesco Puchong, then use Transnasional bus to Johor Bahru. You can check the time using the booking tool from our site.

Xhi Zhe Lim said...

so how long does it take to travel from puchong tesco to Muar?
do you have the address of the bus hub of puchong tesco?
how many company are there?

mypublictransport said...

@Xhi Zhe Lim
You can use Transnasional Express bus. The bus hub is just outside surrounding Puchong Tesco. You can check for more detail using the booking tool on our site.

zainab awgkechil said...

dari puchong ke tanah merah kelantan ada tak yang naik di tesco

mypublictransport said...

@zainab awgkechil
There is bus from Puchong Tesco to Rantau Panjang and Kota Bahru, but not sure whether it will stop by Tanah Merah.

Joyce said...

I just buy a ticket with plusliner from sg petani to puchong tesco. Depart time 2pm may I know it will on time reach puchong tesco at 8pm night? Becos that day I got some night event....worry will late.

mypublictransport said...

If everything is smooth then you should reach before 8pm.

Joyce said...

Normally will traffic jam rite? Usually what if friday what time will reach.hope to get more info then i can arrange my time.thanks a lot.

mypublictransport said...

The bus may go to Puduraya before it heads to Puchong. You may get down at Puduraya and use other transport to your destination.

Joyce said...

Thank you so much!

Chan Sabrina said...

may i know the time depart from puchong tesco to muar on 16 february? and can i buy together the way back from muar at the same day?

mypublictransport said...

@Chan Sabrina
Yes you can. The bus available from Puchong to Muar are 9.00am, 3.00pm, and 8pm. Please check using the booking tool on our site.

Chan Sabrina said...

thank you very much... are there the same departure time coming back from muar as well...

mypublictransport said...

@Chan Sabrina.
No the return time is different.

Chan Sabrina said...

may i know the time as well on 16 february thank you

mypublictransport said...

@Chan Sabrina
Please check using the booking tool on our site.

HANA said...

is there only 1 time and 1 bus company provided the route to alor setar at night?

HANA said...

may i know is there only 1 bus company provided route to Alor Setar at night? and just at 1 time (10:30pm) only? no other bus or other time?

mypublictransport said...

It will be either 10am morning or 10.30pm at night. Only Plusliner and Transnasional operate from Puchong. If you wish to depart at other time, you can just head to Puduraya or Jalan Duta.

honeycycymie said...

Can I get a phone number . puchong tesco branch. Wanna check ticket from there to Kangar on 2.3.2014 (night) still have or not .

mypublictransport said...

Hi, please check using the booking tool on our site.

Engr.Shariful Islam said...

Hi Have any bus service from pouchong to singapore,,,Please if have give me the address which bus go singapore.

mypublictransport said...

@Engr Shariful Islam
Hi, you can check with the booking tool on our site for bus from Puchong to Singapore.

Yee Wen said...

may i know where to buy tiket

mypublictransport said...

@Yee Wen
Hi, you can use the booking tool at the right column.

unknown said...

if the bus depart from puchong tesco to teluk intan,do it stop at kamunting,taiping?

mypublictransport said...

No. Kamunting is far north away from Teluk Intan, The trip will not even pass through there.

sammy Hsu said...

cani know , where can i grab a bus to butterworth from puchong ??

mypublictransport said...

@sammy Hsu
Hi, you can go to Puchong Tesco to take Plusliner bus.

khairul anuar said...

Puchong ke aman jaya ipoh da x g mlm nie??

mypublictransport said...

@khairul anuar
Hi, you can check using the booking tool on our site for more details.

awan langit said...

Dari temerloh ke puchong ada x?ada bas ape je ye?

surendran suren said...

can i know any bus to kampar from puchong

mypublictransport said...

@surendran suren
Hi, you can check using the booking tool on the site.

Nur Dhia said...

I bought ticket by online..10 dec 2014 10.30pm from tesco puchong to ipoh.. so kat mana i nak tggu bas?
Then if i not print that ticket..can i just show u the booking number only?
If not where the place at tesco puchong can i go to print that ticket..

mypublictransport said...

@Nur Dhia
Hi, you can go to Tesco Puchong and search for the ticket counter. You need to print out the ticket at the counter.

TriHom said...

Any bus from puchong to seremban?

mypublictransport said...

Hi,currently no. You need to go to Puduraya for this.

Narimin Aldama Narimin Aldama said...

Hello,saya naka tanya,bas ke temerloh pahang ada tak??

mypublictransport said...

@Narimin Aldama Narimin Aldama
Hi, can I know where are you from? you can always check using the booking tool on our site.

Kasih Abadi said...

Hi,, wanna to ask... Any bus from tesco puchong to putrajaya sentral ??

mypublictransport said...

@Kasih Abadi
Hi, yes, you can take RapidKL U43 opposite to Tesco Puchong to Putrajaya Central.

Sachin Verma said...

Any bus service puchong tesco to Taman SEA, 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47400, Malaysia

mypublictransport said...

@Sachin Verma
Hi, you can take RapidkL U60, U69, or U70, or Metrobus 20,21,58 to Mid Valley, then take Metrobus 99 to Sea Park PJ.

Wolf said...

Halo. Any express bus from Tesco Puchong to Singapore?

mypublictransport said...

Hi, there is no bus from Puchong Tesco to Singapore, however you can check the schedule using the booking tool on our site.

polapola said...

Halo, tomorrow morning express bus from Tesco Puchong to Ipoh at 10.am still got any seats? i need one seat.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, you can check using the booking tool on our site.

Noralina Abdlatif said...

hi, can have location kaunter ticket bus for city ekspress at puchong?

mypublictransport said...

@Noralina Abdlatif
Hi, sorry we do not have the contact.

as juwieta said...

Tiket bas ke seremban dari puchong tesco masih ada lagi tak?

mypublictransport said...

@as juwieta
Hi, you can check using the booking tool on our site.

Fara Nabila said...

how to booking the ticket

mypublictransport said...

@Fara Nabila
Hi, you can use the booking tool on the top right of our site.

Ronald Victor said...

hi i have a bus tomorrow at 2.30 from puchong tesco to teluk intan, but suddenly i have to go to ampang in the morning. is it possible for me to get on the bus at pudu?

mypublictransport said...

@Ronald Victor
Hi, please contact the bus company for the detail, most of the time they will accept it but please double confirm with them.

Iwe Iwan said...

Ada bus ke taiping

mypublictransport said...

@Iwe Iwan
Yes you can check using booking tool on our site.

Unknown said...

Hi. Can anyone give me transnasional behind tesco contact no pls

mypublictransport said...

Hi, please try 013-2027916.

Mei Choo Ho said...

Bus from tesco puchong to johor bahru, where id the drop off point. Can i drop off at city square, johor bahru? Btw, any direct bus from puchong to singapore?

mypublictransport said...

@Mei Choo Ho
Hi, you need to drop off at Larkin, then take CW1 or CW2 to Singapore.

Andrew Chong said...

Hi sir, may i know is that any bus from Puchong to Genting Highland? Thanks

mypublictransport said...

@Andrew Chong
Hi, the nearest will be from 1Utama, you can take RapidKL 506 from Puchong to 1Utama, then take the go genting bus to Genting Highlands.

kok chee chan said...

I want to buy ticket 2 way to Singapore from puchong n back

mypublictransport said...

@kok chee chan
Hi, you can purchase the ticket using the booking tool on our site.

hani najieha said...

where can i buy the bust ticket there and do the kuala kangsar bus stop at kamunting,taiping?

mypublictransport said...

@hani najieha
Hi, you can buy the ticket from the booking tool on our site, you can directly take the express bus to Taiping or Kamunting.

Elise Tan said...

Hi, may I know if I buy bus ticket that go to Singapore-golden mile complex. The bus will arrived truly at golden mile complex? Or after pass kastam need to interchange other bus?

mypublictransport said...

@Elise Tan
Hi, it will reach Golden Mile Complex, just that you need to get down at Custom to clear yourself and then return to the same bus.

Elise Tan said...

Ok,noted. Thanks.

Elise Tan said...

Hi, may I know what public transport can go to stadium merdeka start from ioi mall puchong?

mypublictransport said...

@Elise Tan
Hi, you can take LRT to Pasar Seni and walk to Stadium Merdeka

Sanjeev Aggarwal said...

Hi, I am not able to find the morning bus(8:30AM) from Puchong Tesco to Malacca on any online website. Is the time table updated.

mypublictransport said...

@Sanjeev Aggarwal
Hi, the bus schedule is for reference, sometimes the service is not available for certain day or the ticket is finish, you can always check the latest schedule using our booking tool?

Elise Tan said...

Hi, may i know how to get to MMU CYBERJAYA from petaling street?

mypublictransport said...

@Elise Tan
Hi, you can take Nadi 500 from Lebuh Pudu to Putrajaya, then take 520 to MMU.

Elise Tan said...

May I know how many time that it will take?

mypublictransport said...

@Elise Tan
Hi, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Elise Tan said...

Thanks a lot for your information.

哭泣中的天使 said...

good afternoon, can i change my ticket date by 25.12.2016 to 26.12.2016? I just did booking through online this morning and found error there when receive the mail.

mypublictransport said...

Hi, sorry for that. Can you please check with easybook directly as they may wrongly book the ticket

azreen_ano84@yahoo.com azreen said...

Puchong ke temerloh ade x

mypublictransport said...

@azreen_ano84@yahoo.com azreen
Hi, you need to take bus from Pekeliling.

azmi mie said...

Hi. May i know is it available bus service from puchong to jerteh/besut terengganu?. Tq

mypublictransport said...

@azmi mie
Hi, you need to go to TBS for the bus. Just take LRT from Puchong to Tasek Selatan.

Vincent Chan said...

Hi, is there any bus from Puchong Tesco to Seremban?

mypublictransport said...

@Vincent Chan
Hi, currently there is no direct bus from Puchong to Seremban.

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