Cepat Express Bus From Seremban

Cepat Express Bus From Seremban to other places in Malaysia:

Routes , timetable and fares:

From Seremban to :

    10.45PM RM44.50 RM33.30
    11.00PM RM44.50 RM33.30
    11.15PM RM44.50 RM33.30
  BUKIT KAYU HITAM 1.30PM RM48.50 RM36.40
    10.45PM RM48.50 RM36.40
    11.00PM RM48.50 RM36.40
    11.15PM RM48.50 RM36.40
  BUTTERWORTH 1.30PM RM36.60 RM27.40
    10.45PM RM36.60 RM27.40
    11.00PM RM36.60 RM27.40
    11.15PM RM36.60 RM27.40
  GUA MUSANG 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  IPOH 1.30PM RM22.90 RM17.20
    10.45PM RM22.90 RM17.20
    11.00PM RM22.90 RM17.20
    11.15PM RM22.90 RM17.20
  JERTIH 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  JITRA 11.00PM RM49.10 RM36.90
  KOTA TINGGI 6.30AM RM28.50 RM14.20
  KOTA BHARU 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  KUALA KRAI 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  KUALA LUMPUR 10.15AM RM5.40 RM4.00
    12.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    1.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    1.30PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    2.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    3.30PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    4.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    5.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    6.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    7.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    8.30PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    10.45PM RM5.40 RM4.00
    11.00PM RM5.40 RM4.00
  KAJANG 8.00PM RM3.30 RM2.50
  KANGAR 1.30PM RM49.00 RM36.80
    10.45PM RM49.00 RM36.80
    11.00PM RM49.00 RM36.80
    11.15PM RM49.00 RM36.80
  KLANG 3.30PM RM8.20 RM6.10
  KLUANG 6.30AM RM20.90 RM15.60
  KUALA PERLIS 11.00PM RM49.00 RM36.80
  MACHANG 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  MELAKA 6.00AM RM6.80 RM5.10
    7.00PM RM6.80 RM5.10
  MERSING 6.30AM RM36.30 RM26.70
  PENGKALAN KUBOR 8.00PM RM52.30 RM39.30
  PASIR MAS 8.00PM RM50.20 RM37.70
  PASIR PUTEH 8.00PM RM45.50 RM34.20
  RANTAU PANJANG 8.00PM RM52.30 RM39.30
  SHAH ALAM 3.30PM RM8.20 RM6.10
  SUNGAI PETANI 1.30PM RM39.60 RM29.60
    10.45PM RM39.60 RM29.60
    11.00PM RM39.60 RM29.60
    11.15PM RM39.60 RM29.60
  SEGAMAT 6.00AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    6.30AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    10.00AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    11.30AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    12.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    2.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    3.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    4.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    5.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    6.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    7.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
  TANAH MERAH 8.00PM RM44.90 RM33.70
  TAIPING 11.00PM RM31.20 RM23.40
  TANGKAK 10.00AM RM8.00 RM6.00
    11.30AM RM8.00 RM6.00
    12.30PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    2.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    3.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    4.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    5.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    6.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00
    7.00PM RM8.00 RM6.00

Cepat Express for other states:


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