Cepat Express Bus From Segamat

Cepat Express Bus From Segamat to other places in Malaysia:

Routes , timetable and fares:

From Segamat to :

  ALOR SETAR 9.30AM RM61.70 RM46.30
    8.30PM RM61.70 RM46.30
    9.45PM RM61.70 RM46.30
  BUKIT KAYU HITAM 9.30AM RM65.80 RM49.30
    8.30PM RM65.80 RM49.30
    9.45PM RM65.80 RM49.30
  BATU PAHAT 12.30PM RM10.80 RM8.10
    7.30PM RM10.80 RM8.10
  BAHAU 12.00PM RM6.00 RM4.50
    7.30PM RM6.00 RM4.50
  BUTTERWORTH 9.30AM RM53.80 RM40.30
    8.30PM RM53.80 RM40.30
    9.45PM RM53.80 RM40.30
  CHAAH 8.30AM RM5.90 RM4.40
    10.30AM RM5.90 RM4.40
    11.30AM RM5.90 RM4.40
    12.30PM RM5.90 RM4.40
    2.00PM RM5.90 RM4.40
    3.30PM RM5.90 RM4.40
    6.00PM RM5.90 RM4.40
    7.30PM RM5.90 RM4.40
  DUNGUN 10.30PM RM26.40 RM19.80
    10.45PM RM22.10 RM16.60
    11.59PM RM26.10 RM19.60
  IPOH 9.30AM RM39.90 RM29.90
    8.30PM RM39.90 RM29.90
    9.45PM RM39.90 RM29.90
  JOHOR BAHRU 1.45AM RM15.50 RM11.60
    5.30AM RM15.50 RM11.60
    8.30AM RM15.50 RM11.60
    10.30AM RM15.50 RM11.60
    11.30AM RM15.50 RM11.60
    12.30PM RM15.50 RM11.60
    2.00PM RM15.50 RM11.60
    3.30PM RM15.50 RM11.60
    4.30PM RM15.50 RM11.60
    6.00PM RM15.50 RM11.60
    7.30PM RM15.50 RM11.60
  JERTIH 10.30PM RM41.00 RM30.70
    10.45PM RM37.60 RM28.20
  KUALA TERENGGANU 10.30PM RM31.80 RM23.80
    10.45PM RM31.80 RM23.80
    11.59PM RM31.80 RM23.80
  KOTA TINGGI 2.00PM RM17.30 RM13.00
  KOTA BERANG 11.59PM RM35.20 RM26.30
  KOTA BHARU 10.30PM RM46.00 RM34.20
    10.45PM RM46.00 RM34.20
  KUALA LUMPUR 7.45AM RM16.70 RM12.50
    9.00AM RM16.70 RM12.50
    9.30AM RM16.70 RM12.50
    10.30AM RM16.70 RM12.50
    11.30AM RM16.70 RM12.50
    12.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    1.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    2.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    3.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    4.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    6.00PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    8.30PM RM16.70 RM12.50
    9.45PM RM16.70 RM12.50
  KANGAR 9.30AM RM65.80 RM49.30
    8.30PM RM65.80 RM49.30
    9.45PM RM65.80 RM49.30
  KEMAMAN 11.59PM RM18.60 RM15.20
  KLUANG 2.00PM RM9.70 RM7.30
  KUALA PERLIS 9.30AM RM65.80 RM49.30
    8.30PM RM65.80 RM49.30
  KUANTAN 1.30AM RM15.30 RM11.50
    10.30AM RM15.30 RM11.50
    12.00PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    2.00PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    4.00PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    5.30PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    6.30PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    10.30PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    10.45PM RM15.30 RM11.50
    11.59PM RM15.30 RM11.50
  LABIS 1.45AM RM4.60 RM3.40
    8.30AM RM4.60 RM3.40
    10.30AM RM4.60 RM3.40
    11.30AM RM4.60 RM3.40
    12.30PM RM4.60 RM3.40
    2.00PM RM4.60 RM3.40
    3.30PM RM4.60 RM3.40
    4.30PM RM4.60 RM3.40
    6.00PM RM4.60 RM3.40
    7.30PM RM4.60 RM3.40
  MACHANG  10.30PM RM46.00 RM34.60
  MELAKA 5.30AM RM10.10 RM7.60
    9.30AM RM10.10 RM7.60
    12.30PM RM10.10 RM7.60
    6.00PM RM10.10 RM7.60
  MERSING 2.00PM RM16.90 RM12.70
  MUADZAM SHAH 1.30AM RM6.20 RM4.70
    10.30AM RM6.20 RM4.70
    12.00PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    2.00PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    4.00PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    5.30PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    6.30PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    10.30PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    10.45PM RM6.20 RM4.70
    11.59PM RM6.20 RM4.70
  MUAR 5.30AM RM6.60 RM4.90
    12.30PM RM6.60 RM4.90
    7.30PM RM6.60 RM4.90
  PASIR GUDANG 5.30AM RM15.10 RM11.30
  PENGKALAN KUBOR 10.30PM RM48.40 RM36.30
    10.45PM RM48.10 RM36.10
  PONTIAN 12.30PM RM17.10 RM12.80
    7.30PM RM17.10 RM12.80
  RANTAU PANJANG 10.30PM RM46.80 RM35.10
    10.45PM RM46.80 RM35.10
  SUNGAI PETANI 9.30AM RM56.80 RM42.70
    8.30PM RM56.80 RM42.70
    9.45PM RM56.80 RM42.70
  SEREMBAN 7.45AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    9.00AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    9.30AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    10.30AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    11.30AM RM11.30 RM8.50
    12.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    1.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    2.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    3.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    4.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    6.00PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    8.30PM RM11.30 RM8.50
    9.45PM RM11.30 RM8.50
  TANGKAK 7.45AM RM4.40 RM3.40
    9.00AM RM4.40 RM3.40
    9.30AM RM4.40 RM3.40
    10.30AM RM4.40 RM3.40
    11.30AM RM4.40 RM3.40
    12.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    1.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    2.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    3.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    4.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    6.00PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    7.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    8.30PM RM4.40 RM3.40
    9.45PM RM4.40 RM3.40
  TEMERLOH 12.00PM RM13.20 RM9.90
    7.30PM RM13.20 RM9.90
  TRIANG 12.00PM RM10.40 RM7.80
    7.30PM RM10.40 RM7.80
  YONG PENG 1.45AM RM7.80 RM5.90
    8.30AM RM7.80 RM5.90
    10.30AM RM7.80 RM5.90
    11.30AM RM7.80 RM5.90
    12.30PM RM7.80 RM5.90
    2.00PM RM7.80 RM5.90
    3.30PM RM7.80 RM5.90
    4.30PM RM7.80 RM5.90
    6.00PM RM7.80 RM5.90
    7.30PM RM7.80 RM5.90

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Unknown said...

ke shah alam takde ke?

mypublictransport said...

@Puteri NurSalfarina
Yes, there is, you can check using the booking tool on our site.

Unknown said...

Kalau bas segamat ke jertih macam mane laluannya? Bas akan lalu kat setiu tak?

mypublictransport said...

@shafiza wmini
Hi, this will be depending on the driver.

Unknown said...

hi can i know where the bus will stop in Yong Peng?

mypublictransport said...

@Narumi Narahashi
Hi, there is an express bus terminal in Yong Peng.

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