New KTM Commuter Coaches Preview

What can you expect when mention about KTM Commuter service (Batu Caves -- Port Klang, Sungai Buloh -- Seremban)? Slow? Unpunctual? Stuffy? Due to lack of investment from KTMB in the previous years, the KTM commuter services have been criticted for various of reasons. Unefficient management of EMU coaches caused some of the coaches have to be retired before the expected time. So, when the numbers of riders increase by few folds over the years, the services' quality reduced due to low frequency of services. 

How if the commuter coaches are the one show in image above? It not a dream anymore as by the end of 2011, new 38 EMU coaches will be installed into the current structures. From the KTMB official website, some of the preview of the new KTM commuter coaches are presented. Here, lets take some view of the progress before more comments coming on. (All the images coutesy by KTMB)


Official Website of KTMB : 

From the information given, there will be 38 trains with six coaches per train. 3 doors are available in these new fleets. This can reduce congestion during peak hours as previously passengers that are waiting at the station desparately rush in the coach before passengers in the coach leave the train. Comfortable and wheelchair accesible facilities are available in the new train. 

How do you think about this? feel free to comment.


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