Male in KTM Ladies Coach

How many times we saw male sitting or standing in the KTM commuter ladies coach? Is the symbol of the ladies coach not clear? are they not aware of ladies coach or they simply like to climb ladies coach for their own "excitement" ? Maybe this is times to do something. Read this complaints from Malay Mail and our suggestions are coming next.

RULES are rules, but there are still quite a number of stubborn men who continue to "invade" the women's only coaches at Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) stations in Kuala Lumpur, as Hotline found during two hours of observing one such coach heading to Seremban.

The Hotline team witnessed five men entering the women's only coach (pic). When we approached two of the men, both gave the excuse they were "not aware that the coach is only meant for women", despite signages that clearly indicated so.

Some of the men tried to hide their faces when our photographer started clicking.
Hotline spoke to several women passengers and they say that now and then men do enter the coaches and also take the seats.

SARIMAH JOHARI, a regular commuter on women's only coaches, says: "Men who board the women's only coaches would do so from the middle section of the coach. While some men would brazenly continue the whole journey, some do leave once they realise they are not supposed to be in these coaches. Once, a young man who took a seat even apologised to me."

Another frequent commuter, V. SHAN TI, says: "While most men who enter women's only coaches would feign ignorance or couldn't care less what others think, there are a few men who genuinely do not realise they are not supposed to do so. There was one occasion when an elderly man clearly did not have the slightest idea KTMB had introduced such special coaches for women."

● A SPOKESMAN for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) says: "We are working with the Ministry of Transport for legislation to impose on-the-spot fines on men who board the women's only coaches. In the meantime, we have stationed our security personnel at high-traffic areas to discourage men from going into the women's only coaches. 

"We hope to deploy such personnel at all stations eventuallly. Ever since we introduced the women's only coaches, the feedback has been positive as many women feel it's more comfortable and less crowded, and also they are no longer prey to sexual harrassment. 

"Currently, we don't have enough coaches to cater fully to women, but in time to come there will be more women's only coaches."

Image From Malay Mail: Come on, do you guys all blind? Suggestions:
  • Impose fines on those men who ignore or not aware of the ladies coach warning and enter the ladies coach. 
  • Locate some officers in the ladies coach to "kick out" the " naughty" men.
  • Repaint the coaches and put large "Ladies ONLY" sticker outside the coaches.
  • Always make announcement as to remind the peoples about the existense of the ladies coach. 

We welcome comment from you regarding this issue if you have any experiences of seeing men in ladies coach.


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