Konsortium Bus Express Semenanjung (KBES)


Konsortium Bus Express Semenanjung (KBES) is another big operator in Malaysia express bus services. However, they are more focused on the states located at West Corridor of the West Malaysia. In some of their services, the frequency are very high and even higher than some of the city bus frequency.  This ensure the seats are available most of the time. Since the introduction of their online ticketing system, whoever purchase the ticket over the internet can enjoy 10% discount on the fares and they are able to choose the seats they want to. Awesome right?

Red and Silver lively had become trademark for the company's fleets. Most of their coaches are Nissan and Hino for the single deck and since the double decker bus become popular among the  Malaysia express buses, Konsortium also owns large fleets of MAN double deckers. However, KBES was reported to have poor driver management system. Some accidents and driver abuse are reported in recent years which saw the company received services banned in 2008. 


Shahab Yarmohammadi said...

Interesting post.
Do you happen to know how many seats are there in each row?

mypublictransport said...

@Shahab Yarmohammadi
Depend on the type of bus they use, it can be 18, 21, 27 or 33.

Anonymous said...
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