Bus Stop In Front of Your House?

Mypublictransport.com discover the following news from Malay Mail 1st March, 2011, which you can seriously laugh off. Haha. Take a look of the news.

PEOPLE who visit real estate negotiator S. SELVANATHAN at his home in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs, Batu 9, Cheras, always ask him: “Why is there a bus stop in front your house?” He fumes.

SELVANATHAN , 53, has in turn asked the Kajang Municipal Council numerous times: “Why was a bus stop built in front of my house?” No response. He fumes even more.

“Bus Stop Selva”, as he has become known, sought Hotline help’s as he is worried robbers will hit his home again – and “this time it would be easier”.

His anxiety: In a robbery last Sept 7, parang-wielding intruders used the higher landing at a bus stop outside his house to climb over the walls and hold up his family who lost jewellery and two cars worth RM300,000.
That bus stop has since been relocated even closer to his home.

Apart from home invasion worries, he has to put up with noisy schoolchildren waiting for buses, the hazards of diesel fumes and the annoyance of rubbish and empty bottles scattered around the bus stop.

It has also become a gathering place in the evenings for young people – adding to the family’s frustration of a never-ending din.

He said the local council has turned a deaf ear to complaints from him and the Taman Koperasi Cuepacs Residents’ Association.

“How can they do things as they please? Won’t anyone listen to my family’s plight?" SELVA asks, questioning the decision by the council to build a bus stop so close to someone's house.

He suggests the bus stop be relocated to a spot about 150 metres from his house where there is a clearing.

● Kajang Municipal Council's public relations officer, Shariman Mohd Nor, says they will be sending a team of officers this week to check on Selvanathan's claim before deciding on further action.
Selvanathan, when contacted by Hotline, says he is glad the council is finally acting and he would be pleased to accompany the team to inspect the neighbourhood to identify the most suitable and safe location for a bus stop.

This seems dangerous for the school kids if the kids run for a bus (Image from Malay Mail)

Mypublictransport.com : The Municipal Council should survey the location of the bus stop before they allocate one. This is not only distrupt the residences but also endanger the public transport users. With bottles and rock all around the bus stop, the school students and old folk may struggle for access to the bus which can't even stop near to the bus stop. Wait a minute. Bus can't stop in near the bus stop?? Not funny joke but this cannot be call bus stop anymore since the" bus cannot stop" near to it.


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