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kyle lai said...

Today 11/03/2011,around 11:05am i cheat by the tickets seller of METROBUS 12 BANGKOK BANK ⇌ PJ SS2.
The bus is from pj section 17 to ss2. I wish to go to the university lrt station so i wait in front of KDU college at section 17,as this is the 2nd time i took bus at pj,I'm not sure whether the bus will go to the lrt station or not,so i ask the malay bus driver.Then the Chinese tickets seller call me come up and told me that there is no any bus which do to lrt station will stop here(but last time i did took a bus direct to lrt station!),you should go to the other bus station and take the bus there to go lrt station...But when i want to go down,the bus already move.
When the bus reach other bus stop,2 of the passenger go down with normal speed,but i dont know why the tickets seller use foul language to scold the 2 passengers.....
When reached the 3rd bus stop,he call me to go down to wait for other bus.As i'm not familiar with that place,so i asked him(the genius tickets seller)whether the bus will go back to sec 17 or not.With his high pitch voice,he called me to go down and wait for others bus....
Then I wait at the us stop for 15min but no bus is coming so i decided to take taxi....
for the journey that i only need 15min now i spend around 45 min....
The tickets seller really should be fired!
I really don't know why the company wasting their money to employ such a genius tickets seller to cheat their customer...

Unknown said...

metrobus all staff all very rude actually.i saw many time fight with 1 time wanna fighting at bus!!they just like a ppl come out at hutan.chinese ppl also same.!!i never want this bus service cuz i also have this problem!!the ticket seller just like to talk what he want n no care what i will feel it!!so shit.

Unknown said...

ask about phone number two time.i don want give it.after that ask about my name n where i live.i don want tell he then he told me what hes job actually.....talking too much n i don like it sooooo much .just want to stay away from this ppl!!!he siting at the chair near me n talking with me until got many customer go inside the bus baru he leave it!!!damn it!!no manners ppl!!no 49 bus got go to genting klang 1!!waste ppl time n like to talk so much no respect ppl!!everytime when i reach at kota raya or chow kit that rude ppl keep calling me n say bb to me!!like do like this.ask he bb with his mother la!!now i change to monorail but no more this bus!!just hope his head can struck at toilet ball!!call me with a big sound when i beside the road....when he call many ppl look it.make me feel no face!!n we r not friend!!

Unknown said...

no43 this bus cheat my money ...when i ask the ticket seller he no tell me clearly n direct collect my money!!i have choose wrong bus to go home after that i just direct call he stop the bus...that rude ppl say i need to pay more 0.50 again cuz the destination here u need to pay more 0.50 again!!after i pay i direct leave the shit alll metrobus staff!!

Zoyce said...

Your stupid agent at Parit Buntar Konsortium Bus Express, 2-May-2011, 9am , Indian guy Is let me feel threaten and no respect!

When he called me and when I did not identify himself yelling. When I was asking him calling from, he deliberately avoided the issue. He talked me as no totuor, he was inform me the bus will be daparture early.
He said: "U tak mau tak datang itu u punya pasal" ! whne i was asking him the further notice.

I must say, I only think of things to figure out who he is, why the early departure time, I think he said that you told me to an early interim, I am too late to prepare. Unfortunately, he did not listen to into my problem, I open up and hang up my phone.

You made ​​me feel fear, talked as gengster !

Finally, I chose not to take that bus trip, because it is so I do not be respected, it is too damn insecure

mypublictransport said...

@Zoyce, did not have any relationship with any operators in Malaysia.

blur bit said...

metro bus with the number plate 7183 drive very rude. it happen in front of TAR college at 5.30pm today. The bus driver come out from another side without break and it may lead to a serious accident occur if the proton saga did not move the sterling to right. I hope authorities will take action to the driver.

Unknown said...

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anak jati johol said...

Cosmic Express 27 Dec 2011 jam 9am Alor Setar ke Kajang bus x der. Alasan bus x cukup untuk wat perjalanan????? Tak bole terima di akal...tiket jual tapi bus tak ada. Pastu suke2 nak tukar customer naik bus lain. Tiket beli on line, semua data contact pelanggan ambil, haram x bagi tau. Terpacak dari jam 8 am, kaunter tiket buka jam 8 50am baru tau x der bus. Transfer lak naik bus Cosmic jam 10 45am, bus datang jam 11 40am. Bile tanyer kaunter otw......bangang betul la. Nak untung jer lebeh. Tiket naik harga pulak tu alasan cuti umum, hari selasa cuti umum mender. Minta mahap pun tidak bus x der & lewat, wat muka toyo dia ader la.....udah tu ke kajang lak x der. Suruh turun Pudu & cari bus lain ke kajang.....memang tidak perihatin pada pelanggan. Tau nak untung jer.

あんね said...

There is a Chinese, Female & old ticket seller for Metro Bus 12. Her mouth is like shit! No, is worst than shit! If RapidKL & Metrobus reached bus station at the same time. 100% I will choose RapidKL. No doubt at all! Because Metrobus driver & ticket seller all are very rude! I dunno how they get the job & they have been trained!

AngryBird said...

I will have to say that SJ bus is not a safe bus to take and in fact by having it running on the road will threaten the safety of citizens in Malaysia. I was driving my baby of 11 months in the car along Jln.Ipoh right infront of Sang Suria Condo on Sunday 5/2/12 and there was this SJ Bus number plate WNQ5365 speeding off beside me at 10:57am and cut through my front which almost chopping off the front bonet of my car! Reason for what i see the driver was driving recklessly was because he was competing with a bus(Rapid KL) in front of him in order to arrive at the bus stop on time so that he's able to collect some passengers as well as the other bus did. I'm not sure how is the salary being counted for being the SJ bus driver and correct me if im wrong,If they were being paid based on as many passengers and as many routes as they could get, then the driver will be speeding recklessly in order to get a better money. In that case, it has caused dangers to innocent road users which also pissed us off! They are giving the service without considering the safety of others which could have harmed us! I seriously think that the society of public transport should do something about it.

mypublictransport said...

Metrobus and SJ Bus drivers are the evil to Kuala Lumpur road users. They are paid by the commision from number of passengers. Therefore, if the system is not change (where they use "Bas Pajak" system), the problems are really serious because we often receive report regarding this. We will forward the message to the related authority.

iSean1997 said...

Metrobus 17, worst bus ever -_-
Ticketman smokes and wasting customer time.
The bus is there at 4:30pm. The ticketman makan at Maulana Food Court for like from 4:00am when he departed. The driver waited like 30 minutes and didn't scold the ticketman. -_-
Making us the consumers mad.

The ticket provider is handy cap. He have no left hand.

飞翔 said...

Rapid KL U7,at Saturday need to wait 1 hour to get a bus.
10pm reach the bus stop 3 Bus engine no turn off, inside no ppl and driver.waste the petrol and air-pollution.
wait until 10.45pm hv driver come, but he said can't go cause his bus was 11pm,and we ask why 10pm & 10.30pm did't hv bus, he answer maybe they go back already.
Why so no system?
Hv many times wait for more than 30min also no bus come,than can see 2-3 bus come at the same time. are they go to gathering?
The driver also SMOKING in the bus.every time when drive near to Batu 3.This very bad for passenger, that will Hazardous to ur health.
And many passenger hv pay but the driver did't give the ticket, or the driver know the passenger, than the passenger no need to pay.
Hope RAPID KL can pay attention for that.
thank you very much.

desperate86 said...

Some of the driver for Bus No 79 not doing their job well.always not stop at ampang campuran school.And the most best things is driver expect passanger informed earlier before they reach at the place if not they will use shortcut way to reach final destinal.Remember we are paying money which will be the driver salary.if no means just dont let the ticket person to shout at the kotaraya(campuran!campuran!)its really make desperate dont simply loose your customer because of your rush.Thanks.

Hope to send some driver to customer service training to deal with cutomer.Dont simply shout at customer because of your fault to not stop at the respective palce(the actual route)

daren12345 said...

Today I buying ticket going back segamat 4.00 p.m
Before 4p.m I going counter S&S take bus number
But I wait 1 hour no, bus coming , then I ask services agent
She only told me, I m lost my faunt and need to buy new ticket if I really want go back
Then I told her, my daddy mummy n I wait thr but never saw the bus come,
Why u confirm that bus really come at 4.00 p.m ?
Then she scold me "buta ! Kenapa tidak nampak? Saya sini pun nampak bus datang" pls lah
I m 3 ppl wait thr u say bus stop thr wait long time,....

Pls dun cheat us k,
Asking repalace ticket
She say if u want buy new one,tis kesalahan kamu ,Kita agent Sahaja,kalau apa apa pls call services line!

Wat the fuck?!
Agent like that?
Pls s&s ur employment , and ur sevices really poor

daren12345 said...

I confirm that no more time I m buy ticket from S&S any more!
Sri Skudai! Agent S&S I hope one day u will bankcrup !
Poor services! And cheat customer money!
Pls motivate and give ur staff a training class for moral!

mypublictransport said...

This is not S&S International site.
However, you can report at following link

Just Me said...

We were driving from Kulai to Johor Bahru on Sunday 24th June 2012 at 11pm. After passing through Senai town, reaching the site for Senai Gardens condominum, a S&S Bus BDU 9206 suddenly narrowed in to us from the slow lane , we were in the fast lane. The slow lane has no vehicles in front of the bus but the bus suddenly went into the fast lane speeding right beside us and hit out left side mirror.It did not stop and went fast in front before going back to the slow lane again. All the time the right turning signal was blinking even when it was moving on the slow lane. We took the number behind and called but it was no longer in service 1800888600. We drove pass and saw that it was an Indian or Bangaladesh driver. There is no phone number that we can complain to.
Can the company kindly reply to this. Thank you

Unknown said...

The Malaysians i know are the most well behaved and also one of the most Honest people i have ever met in the world.
But what happened today gave me a second thought about who Malaysians are really are.

I board a "RAPID KL BUS" today 8th day of November 02 at about 5:45pm with registration number "WVH7632" from kl mydin going to Sungai Long,on getting to markota about SIX bus stops to the finale destination he asked everybody in the bust to go down with out any reasonable reason, i walked to him in a GENTLE MAN way and asked but this is not the final destination were buses usually discharge it's passengers and that means you will have to provide another bus to conveyed us to were we are going,but to my surprise' he started yelling at me and
called me MONKEY,NEGRO and all sought or racist names
which i understood in Malay language. Even threatening to threw me out of the bus if i further question hid decision again..

But this is not suppose to be happening here in Malaysia which as one of the best tourist attraction sites on the globe which every seconds people flew in from all over the world to come and see..This could tarnish the good image of this great country if something is not done fast about it...

I need to be convince once more that this is not the true Malaysian attitude...

Unknown said...

I am very disappointed on the service on this Metro bus conductor who give ticket. Just now (23rd Nov 2012) at around 7pm to 7.15 pm, i was giving money to that Chinese Conductor so he will give me a ticket, i gave him a smile and tell it kindly.

However this Uncle rudely scold me and snatch my money rudely and also roughly have me the ticket, as if like i did something bad at him.

Summarize in this, I am very...very disappointed on the customer service of Metro bus. Is this how Metro Bus Staff treat their passengers??? Customer service poorly conducted, even Rapidbus are more friendlier than this pile of waste.

He is a Chinese Conductor, male in Meto Bus 12, Plate no BHU 8428.

Unknown said...

assalammualaikum w.w.

saya ni warganegara malaysia dan salah seorang pengguna setia rapid bas KL.... apa yang saya kesalkan serta berasa kecewa dan malu sangat ialah sudah banyak kali saya berdepan dengan masalah dengan kerenah pemandu bas rapid KL dari mydin KL ke bandar sungai long yang tidak berdisiplin dan seperti tiada budi bahasa... salah satu contoh yang paling teruk saya alami ialah pada 08 november 2012 yang lalu, saya bayar tiket dari mydin KL ke sungai long pada harga rm3.00 tapi alangkah kecewanya saya bila tiba di bandar mahkota cheras, semua penumpang di arah turun dan tidak mahu meneruskan perjalanan hingga tiba ke destinasi yang ditetapkan...tanpa rasa bersalah dan tidak memberi alasan yang logik atau menyediakan bas gantian untuk kami semua, sedangkan bas itu tidak ada masalah apa apa pun dan masih boleh bergerak... no bas yang saya maksudkan ialah WVH7632 dan masa kejadian ialah jam 5.45 minit petang... pemandu bas berkenaan berbangsa melayu... sudahlah rasa penat dari kerja dan kecewa dengan perkhidmatan bas itu, bila saya turun saja, saya lebih terkejut bila melihat pemandu bas itu boleh bertengkar, menjerit dan memaki seorang mamat negro di khalayak ramai..... cub bayangkan!!!!!! inikah orang kita melayu yang indah dengan budi bahasa??????? sila ambil perhatian dan tindakan yang serius [erkara ini.... tq..

Unknown said...

This happened on 4 Jan 2012,i was sent my friend to Medan Gopeng at 4.30pm. Unfortunately there was no parking area outside so i decided to drive inside the bus's area. When i stopped my car, there was one malay fella drive beside me. A proton satria(orange color) with car number A something 5354.Once i get out from the car, he reacted angry and scold me, you bodoh, tak ada otak ke ini tempat saya, kamu tak boleh parking ini. I realised that i was fault but he keep saying kamu masuk ini tak tanya guard. I replied, jangan marah, ini hal kecil, bila saya masuk ini guard pun tak cakap apa, mana saya tau.But he keep scolding me like a mad cow, i wonder how this guy doing business, without showing respect and proper manner even though i parked into wrong place. But this was a small matter, don't you agreed? I wonder this fella is working here or not he even don not wear a proper uniform.i felt like talking with samseng or gangster even though police also won't like this.When i drove away(because there is not point arguing with this orang hutan) and i raised my hand toward him with full five finger,i guess he misunderstood, maybe he thought i showed him a middle finger, he came forward and kicking my front car's bumper.Luckily there was no damages. I believed that there were many people saw this, even when i drove away and passed the guard house the guard also shaking their head(meaning this mad fella react aggressively). I fed up with this issue,so i decided to bring my friend to the new bus station in Meru. There wasn't the end,when i drove away i said i will complained him then he drove his car and followed me from Medan Gopeng until the road going to Jusco.I do not know what happen to his malay fella, perhap the took drug or too much pressure. But can't you talking people like that, act totally a gangster. I hope the management will do something. This is very serious and unacceptable.I feel total shame of Medan Gopeng..

Ms.Someone said...

why u44 rapidKL now always late ye??sometimes i have to wait for such long time,coz of that problem.. i always late to my work.. plez be consider to us.. plez be on time.. we hve our own schedule.. not follow ur schedule of late..

Unknown said...

today around 8am we were waiting at sungi Chin Chin bus stop and then we got the bus metro 91 to UIA all of the passengers paid their fares to the conductor (thin, with long hair).but the conductor did not give the ticket, actually most of the metro conductor do not provide the ticket if somebody come from Idaman to UIA or UIA to Idaman. another passenger got into the bus from Batu Lappan actually he is friend of somebody who came from sungi Chin Chin. so the person who came from sungi chinchin he paid for his friend too. but the conductor was asking for another Ringit because he thought that he did not pay, actually that passenger already paid, so he denied to pay again then suddenly the conductor started to fight him without any reason and it was unbelievable. i think the conductor was drunk.
so my appeal to you that please take action against this conductor. as well as ask all the conductor to provide the ticket to the passengers. as a result this kind of misunderstanding will never happen. and put the customer care line No. inside the bus so the passenger can inform you time to time . all the best. thanks.


Bas 605 menuju .ke pkns sangat lambat hampir dua jam.menunggu.hanya yg sampai.pergi puncak perdana.saya Harap pihak tuan mengabil tndakan yg sewajar nya.saya Harap ia tidak terjadi lagi Di sec 13 pansapuri perdana. Cadangan saya.pertambahan bas lebih baik.Di sec 13.


Sec 13 menuju .ke pkns.bas 605 sangat lambat hampir dua jam menunggu ..

Janice Yeo 蕙鍹 said...

Hi i want complaints is izzit need wait passager full already just start drive ..for example if the passager urgent hv meeting or other also need wait around half and hour later just start drive ...hope hv any change about it ...

Unknown said...

Assalamu Aliakom, good morning. I'm one of the mettro's regular passengers.I wish good for the company for its servicing. unfortunately i've to inform you something about some bad conductors of mettro services, those who are responsible for bad reputation of Mettro service.
yesterday, around 6.15pm i took the bus Mettro 91 NO. 2555, from UIA. we were around 50 passengers and many of us were standing. the conductor have taken the fares without providing the tickets. we were asking him about the ticket but he did not provide us. yet he shown his bad behavior.
so, i'm requesting you to tell all the conductors to provide us the ticket.
hopefully you will understand that i'm not asking for the ticket for my own benefit rather i want to help you to decrease the corruption of your company so it can continue its better service to the passengers.
again all the best.

Jamieleeck said...

Dear Metrobus, whoever is in charge, please take note of bus driver with the plate no BJA 2539. He just bang his bus into another Rapid KL at Palm Spring around 9.40am, 3 June 2013. This Metrobus was speeding when he reaches to pick me up at the Pelangi Damansara bus stop heading towards Kota Damansara and at the same time, the rapid bus also came, stopping right in front of the Metro. Everybody in the bus was terrified as this Metrodriver wanted to cut through the from behind although he doesn't have enough space in front. Forcing his bus through no matter what. He keep trying to overtake the Rapid until he didn't even wanna stop at Palm Spring even when there are passengers waiting. That is when the accident happened. This Metrobus driver finally manage to get in front of the bus by hitting the Rapid's right side mirror at the driver's side as he was driving too close to the bus. He was in the wrong and yet your driver stretched his arm to pull the Rapid bus driver's hand, scolded and laughed to himself. Did you guys hire gangsters as bus drivers?????!! OMG~

I'd like to stress that if there is no action taken into the bus driver or this matter, we the passengers will boycott Metrobus TOTALLY!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ministry Of Transport/Medias/Metrobus
In reference to the above, I am Metro Bus regular passenger and at the same time I am a government servent too. Every day I took bus from Country Homes to Rawang and then changed to KTM.
My complaint is against to the Metrobus driver with the number plate BJA 8741 (INDIAN GUY) who normally drives bus from Rawang to Country Homes. Once passenger press the bell, the bus driver should stop at the right destination. But this Indian driver every time refused to stop at the right place. Even elder people or pregnancy ladies who press the bell also doing the same thing.
This bus driver always showing his bad behavioir towards the customers. This bus driver everytime wanted to fast drive and make all the passangers very scary, stressful and upset. Metrobus management please take note and please take necessary action against the bus driver.
My question towards METROBUS MANAGEMENT: Why the metrobus management did not hire the right driver? Why always giving poor service to public? Why the customer service Hotline number: 03-56375380 NOT IN SERVICE? Why there is no action so far even we post complaints at your website: ?? Iam forward this letter to our Ministry of Transport (MOT) and all other Medias (News Papers) as well. Hopefully there is promp action or immediate changes towards this matter.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details about this complaint. Here thereof, I leave my email address for your fast reply and immediate action toward the immoral bus driver.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Your Faithfully
Malaysia Citizen

Unknown said...

To Whom It May Concern !
This Metro Bus Service in KL (Jalan Ampang) completely sucks. Specially Metro Bus 79 is the most ugliest, Lousiest bus I have ever used. The driver & Conductors are having the worst attitude. I even saw driver smoking while driving. Seats & windows are broken bus is full with the dust I wish I could explain further...

Unknown said...

To Whom It May Concern,

I am daily user of Metrobus no 12. But lately I have been very dissapointed with your service as most of the bus drivers does not use the route that they are suppose to be using. My journey starts in PJ and i get down in Brickfields but lately because your driver refuse to go into Brickfields i have to get an lrt to get home...I mean that is complete ly nonsense. why is there a change of route or since when is this effective. As a daily user I feel the driver is making my journey difficult. So many times the driver only let us know half way through that he is not going into Brickfields so he ask us to get down in Mid Valley. Now adays the driver ask us to get down at the Federal Highway and ask us to walk into Brickfields using a very small lorong. This is very annoying everyday. We are the passengers and we want explaination on this matter. I want this problem to be solved as soon as possible.
Daily user

Glenn said...

I fail to understand how City Express works. I bought my ticket online with a booked seat from TBS to SG, only to find out my seat was given to someone else and i had to take another random seat. Now in what point of time was my money used for someone else's seat?

mypublictransport said...

This company has a bad reputation in service. Please help to lodge a report to SPAD.

Unknown said...

I was ver dissapointed to the cosway driver's attitude just now.At around 11.30p.m., I took a city bus and I SWORE I had pay more than enough money to the driver.I was the first passenger that get on the bus,so it was ridiculous if he didn't see it.BUT he didn't gave me the ticket and glare at me as i didn't pay him!! I didn't keep it in my mind at first,BUT it actually happened when I wanted to get off the bus,he did'nt stop his bus.When i tried to ring the bell twice, he glare at me again and ignore me!! So I told him to let got off but he ignore me again!! He finally let megot off at a place where is far away from my destiny.I was angry and I told my friend.They said that the driver alway let the passengers got off the bus while he was driving slowly(he didn't stop his bus). I think it is very unsafe,and i hope he can change his attitude.

yvone tan said...

in 22 january 2015 about 4.50 p.m. i buy a ticket from Ipoh amanjaya to alor setar Sahab Perdana. That day i buy ticket at Konsotrium Express counter at Amanjaya bus station. I already pay RM50 to the clerk but she say she did not receive my money. She say she just receive my friend Rm50. My bus ticket was RM27.50 and i give her RM 50.50 and i can swear i already give her the money and she say she just receive my 50 cent i did not give her RM50. And then my friend say check the CCTV she ignore and say i count the money see whether have extra money or not. After count she say don't have. I just left that 50 ringgit for bus fare. I no any extra money, and i see the time is 5p.m. so that i go nearby ATM machine take 30 ringgit and pay for the bus ticket. This is the first time i buy Ticket in RM77.50.
i wish this company will expel this clerk. I hope do not have another "victim". KONSOTRIUM EXPRESS AMANJAYA IPOH .DISSAPOINTMENT FOR YOUR COMPANY.

mypublictransport said...

@yvone tan
Hi, please proceed to report to the police as this is serious crime.

Unknown said...

we pay money to have a ride to go back home,so we deserve to have a safety and good service. but today i totally disapointed to Malaysia attitude,behaviours. Today, i just came back from singapore to pudu rakyat and continue with my journey to Tanjung Malim, so i bought the 626 bus express Tanjung Malim ticket. i bring along my huge luggage and ask for permision to open the lower desk and yet i havent finish my word, one malay lady who collect the bus ticket, with the angry tone and impolite way talk to me and ask me to put my huge luggage infront of the entrance means that beside if the driver. With this way, it block the entrance of the bus. Without any choice, I put my luggage there with the worry and annoying mood due to have fragile stuff inside my luggage. After few minute, the indian bus driver enter and shout inside the bus. So, i came to him to collect my luggage and he scold me no brain and block the way. At the same time, i try to say sorry and explain it,but the malay lady straight away scold at me together with the indian driver. meanwhile, i feel shameless and sad with the behaviour and attitude how was the staff treat to the customers. I hope the 626 bus express Tanjung Malim company give a training to their staff before operate their business. SERVICE is the BEST way to welcome the customers.

Unknown said...

my sister has buy a ticket with MAHLIGAI EXPRESS from kuala terengganu to bukit beruntung on 11.45pm 15/5/2015.when 11.30pm,the driver called my sis but she no understand wat he say and pass the phone to me.the driver say in unkindly word,ask whr is me.i tell him and ask issit the bus reach but he no answer...we reach bus station before 11.45,after my sis go up the bus,the driver scold her,and he say:why the bus wan to wait a customer,must cpstomer wait a bus,if donwan take the bus then just stay at home....halo!when the bus express delay 1hour+,issit costomers can scold them?! then,my sister's seat is sitting other ppl,she tell the ppl wrong sit but the ppl donwan let the seat....very dissapointed to this bus express...
MAHLIGAI EXPRESS u are in my blacklist!

Unknown said...

Hi, how do I make an official complaint to a government association on a bus service provider for failing to provide proper safety measures for senior citizen?

mypublictransport said...

@Jesvinder Singh
Hi, please write to the following agency.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I followed your advise.

TnK said...

We had a booking on Transnational bus through the website with the invoice number INV-6302696, from A Famosa resort to the KLIA for 1a.m. bus. It seems that our confirmed ticket wasn't Confirmed after all. After waiting almost two hours for the bus, it didn't show up at all. We tried to call both easybook and transnational but nobody pick up the call to assist us. During that time we have a flight to catch at 6am, but we were stuck at this point. We had no other choice but to call a taxi and take us directly to KLIA with the charge of RM315. We would never expect to spend such big sum of money due to the irresponsible mistake that done by these two companies. We were so upset that we already paid the ticket money to the easybook yet they cheated on us and transnational didn't show up as scheduled. Could you please advise where we can make a report to the authorized bodies and get the refund and compensation for our losses?

mypublictransport said...

As we know there is no Transnasional bus from A Famosa to KLIA. They only departs from Mahkota Hospital and Melaka Sentral.

Anyway you can make your complain to the following parties:

hhhhh said...

Harap pihak bas dapat sediakan bas di Setia Indah 11 shah alam. Banyak bas stop tapi satu bas pun tak de.. stressnya....

Sharing said...

Lousy bus service from Qistna Express
The bus driver smoked many times while driving from Spore to KL. The smoke choked many in the bus. Bus stopped at Larkin to pick up other passengers and made us wait till bus is occupied. Only to find out that many had complaint this bus company on Trip Advisor. Will never take this bus again.

竞言疯语 said...

around 8.30pm at Damai Perdana
Bus Route: 62
Bus No. : WPL 4289
The bus driver hit my car during revise.
Luckily not very hurt, but this is my first car only 1 year.
When I ask him come down, he only ask my :BERAPA RIBU YOU MAU!"
Very disappointed of this attitudes in this bus service industry.
Due to protect bus driver policy, I didn't ask for his IC. I didn't report him also, cause my car is ok, but I need a explain. Thank you.

mypublictransport said...

Sorry this is not SJ bus website. You can make a police report and report it to SPAD as well for further action.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to say sorry and regret at the differences in your bus service.................simple yet some things cant even did as on par with other services.
Today...i was at klcc waiting for bus no.79 to wisma perkeso.
I was not in rush so instead waiting there i walk as well as look behind.
The bus driver of BHU 8456 is kind and slow down for me even though is only me alone. then the malay lady ticketer was also a thumbs up.
She guide me and even look worry when my stuff fell and swiftly put back it straight up.
The horror starts when the bus suddenly passes wisma perkeso n went pass till ampang point without my notice.
Note...i am from ipoh so im still green in this kl routes.
When she saw my worry face, she once again try to calm me down and say to go over the road and pass back with the same company bus. i should just show the new bus and told please its just 1 or 2 stops.
At first i say is ok and besides it wont be possible but she say it does,just tell nicely.
So i went to the second bus which bus plate is so fast drive away that i can hardly see it. as soon i got down it zoom fast loudly.
i somehow did try my luck to tell her my story.
I was prepared to even pay her if she had told me nicely.
Instead she talk back and say 'sama bapak tapi lain anak or something similar' so i just pay her and she took it as if i owe her rm1 million.
The worse is she did not even gave me a ticket. in fact she never gave anyone who came in. Does same bapak and lain anak goes to the extend that 1 gave ticket n one doesnt too?
Finally, when she sits down, she talk loudly with the driver and say those sentence again 'sama bapak...lain anak ma...' this really pisses me off. by the way, this rude ticketer is i believe a chinese, much younger and with pony tail with the pony being highlighted with brownish blonde.

I tell myself that after this if i saw her on this bus i wont go in.
shit to see her in the near future.

loneliness said...

Hi. I am not sure is this the good place for me to complaint on shamisha express bus. This is the suckest bus service i ever received. I was being 'cheated' by those fucking and annoying abang in pudu raya to buy a bus ticket travel from kl to kuantan. At first, i myself also doubt the services of this shamisha express bus company. But I have no choice because there is no other bus travel from kl to kuantan. I have seriously ask those so called very 'nice' bus ticket seller is the bus depart on time. And the bus ticket seller (they do really look like samseng) said very confident and loud yes. Bus ni baik dan tepat masa. And so i pay 35ringit malaysia to buy one bus ticket back from kl to kuantan on 26th of october 2015 time 3:30pm. When i went to platform to wait for the bus at 3:15pm, i didnt saw the bus. But in the bus ticket it stated that passenger have to wait at the platform fifteen minutes before the departure time. And then got one abang told me that the bus is at platform 13. Okay. Then i go there. I found a shamisha express bus plate number 6788. And this plate number 6788 is exactly the same as the plate number written on my bus ticket. So i decided to wait there. But end up i have waited for half an hour for nothing. Suddenly got a driver go up and so i ask him when can we start depart. He said in bahasa, saya tak boleh drive lagi, kerana counter punya org suruh saya datang je tapi tak cakap nak gerak. I then go up and ask the person. The person in the countet told me, tunggu lima minute, driver tu sedang makan. And here come the biggest joke. The driver told me that the ppl in the counter ask him to go to the bus and but the ppl in the counter said to me that the driver went for eating.
And i was so disappointed with the services provided and also the promise the bus ticket told me. I then go down again and ask the driver when can he depart. Then here come another uncle said to me, amoi, bus hanya ada you satu orang je, you bayar 35ringgit je. Tak kan you nak seluruh bus bawa you seorang je. Huh. What a 'good' excuse he gave me. Then he said sekarang bukan masalah kita, sekarang masalah org kat cashier sana. Good. Then i go up again and ask. The ticket seller now willing to go down and he said he will settle it. Oh so good. The way he settle it is by giving money to the driver and the uncle. Giving money. What a good way. But the bus still not depart. And end up i have waited for one and a half hour. The bus finally depart at 5pm. But my bus ticket stated is 3:30pm. One more thing is that the ticket seller at the very beginning he persuade me to buy by saying, amoi, beli bus ticket company kita (shamisha bus express), hanya bus kami bertolak pada 3:30pm. So, i concluded that this bus company earn money by cheating ppl. Totolly suckest bus company shamisha express.

I wont stop sharing this real case that happen to me in other website. I just hope that no one will being cheated by them again.

Please. If the boss of shamisha express bus saw my post, i hope you can earn money in an ethical way.

Unknown said...

7:45pm, I was driving from home towards Setiawalk, tired being stuck in a traffic jam.
Suddenly, I heard a loud bang beside me on my left side and I saw a Metrobus appeared from no-where, crashing all the cars start from me and bear in mind we were all waiting at the traffic light, the line was not moving and I have no way to run, and yes, I (and those few cars in front of me) being hit badly by this bus.
Calmed down from the after-shock, I came down from the car while all the other drivers start questioning the Metrobus driver. I looked at the damaged side of my car. Both my left front and back doors are severely damaged, left side mirror was lost from its place, I couldn’t bear another second looking at it. It was only my first car that I’ve only drove for the past one and only month!
Anger came in when I realized that there is only grass path from the side where my car being hit. There is no road and no way for a car even a bike could possibly squeeze in, and that is definitely a big huge NO for a bus!
I have no idea where the bus came from and what was in the driver’s mind. What was the bus driver doing? Was he fall asleep? Was he in a rush? Was he not noticed there is no road for him? Was he being robber in the bus? I couldn’t think.
We all have had the bad experiences from public buses where some of the drivers use to drive recklessly, cutting queue, changing lane without putting on a signal light (or signal flashed for 0.001 second right before they changed their lane and forced all the other cars behind to halt), they put all the road users’ lives in threat and danger! I couldn’t imagine if I was one of the passengers on the bus, imagine the shock and shout.
Looking at the second car right in front of mine was a Kembara. The left back corner was damaged and I saw a family of 5 sitting inside. Again I couldn’t dare to imagine if the case gone worst.
I hereby demand for an explain from Metrobus, on how the company trained and selected the bus drivers, looking at the fact most of the Malaysian road users have negative impressions for your bus services.
METROBUS still not yet contact us for reparation!
So is this going to be end up with nothing definite?
Please help!

Unknown said...

Hi there, I want to complain about not punctual in time for selangor bus. It sometimes came early and sometimes came very late, especially bus selangor went to sungai buloh..I hope management for bus selangor can take some measurement about this problem. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Bus number 20 is never on time. We have to wait atleast 2 hours each time when going from kl to puchong. Can you please do something?

Unknown said...

The tampin's ticket seller is very very rude!! reallyyyy cant tahan him!! Just now I want buy ticket, he ask me want to go where, I can really hear what he is talking so I asked him again, then he just shout on me !!! I think this is because I disturb him watching TV!! He really have no manners and unfriendly to the customers!! I hope company solve this problem.

Unknown said...

The ticket seller that I complaint is TRANSNASIONAL company.I am buyng ticket from Tampin to Larkin

Thor said...

Took 2 tickets for KPB Ekspress (TBS160400001657 and TBS160400001657) to Penang today for me and my friend. The bus was supposed to leave at 10 am from TBS, but started 20 minutes late, but that's OK, it's understandable.
The moment we took our seats, the driver rudely commanded me to go to a different seat. I was a bit shocked as I was just sitting on my selected and assigned seat (1C) in all decency checking out a news item, while my friend who had an issue with her eye, was just trying to sleep in hers (1B).
I told the driver that we were in our correct seats, yet he was rudely insistent, and also mentioned something like 'tapa driver'. I guess he meant he was the commander of the ship! It was quite humiliating, for both of us, and I will definitely try to lodge a complaint with the KPB Ekspress or any government agency.....don't know if they care....very crude behavior, will never travel with these guys again, nor would I suggest anyone to.

Unknown said...

Hi ,I wanted to complain about causeway link local bus from Klang to Kuala Lumpur. Those buses aren't stopping at the correct bus stop.I supposedly to stop near PJ.But , the bus driver didnt even use the actual and usual route.I had to took a cab from Kuala Lumpur to my place,which causing troublesome to me.As ,sometimes ,I get late to my work.Some of my colleague do feel the same about this issue,not stopping at the right stop.Please do take the complain in consideration .I am really disappointed with the services provided by causeway link.

Unknown said...

can 782 bus stop at Taman Jaya LRT station.

mypublictransport said...

@ChinLin Lee
Hi, you can take PJ01 or T640 to Taman Jaya LRT.

Arina said...

Very stupid driver bus. I hate some causeway link driver

Unknown said...

kkkl JLJ 1299 driver are damn rude now. request to toilet wif.courtesy and he shout.and shy in front of ppl. pls kindly fire tis type of shit ppl.

Anonymous said...

I boarded a 11:20a.m. causeway link bus LM1 on 7/8/16, the driver was extremely rude to customers like he owns the bus company and doesn't want to serve his customers. Besides, I didn't have enough small change to pay for a RM3.30 ticket and I had to pay RM4 instead.

Unknown said...

I bght the ticket to TBS on 30/10/2016 5pm bus. The bus name meridian holidays in the ticket and the platform C39. I waited more than 30 monitors and went to.your counter at larkin to ask. When I ask that fucking fat bastard say I was lying as 3 other passenger missed the bus due to your driver's mistake. The bus supposed to wait at C39 but was not there. And there was no information on the bus name. The guy at ticket counter claim I was lying. This is not 1st time I'm taking bus and your stupid service make me take another bus and no refund for this.

Unknown said...

I believe this is not the 1st complaint for Qistna Express. We paid for the fair of rm 43 from Tbs to Singapore and bus was delay. No information was given from Tbs till 30minutes. 

They inform us to shirt to Gate 2 and take another bus company Starmart Express.

After departure for 3minute. The bus driver stop at the parking area and chitchat for another 15minutes while waiting another friend to get up the bus. 

This is Ridiculous!!  My bus is 12.30pm and schedule to reach Singapore at 5.30pm. yet was delay 1hours ++.

I do hope Tbs will strongly take action on this as this is not the way for such company to be listed in Tbs. Tbs is welly build and nice environment which shows good image for foreigner towards Malaysia.

Therefore Tbs should care on their bus services as well in order not to have this kind of bad image to be at Tbs.

My Ticket no: TBS 161100272251 & 161100272251



Unknown said...

This is the first time i bought bus ticket to johor bahru from Darul Naim S/B (Super Nice). I am very dissapointed to the company services and the bus driver attitude as well.

The time shown in ticket is 1.45pm, however, the bus arrived at 4.40pm. The bus was not punctual, it's wasting my time to wait for the bus at the bus station for more than 3 hours.

Well, i'm in the bus at 4.40pm. The bus driver smoked many times while driving from KL to Larkin. The smoke chocked in the bus. At the same time, the driver is playing his hand phone in the whole journey.

We pay money to have a ride to the destination, we deserve to have a safety and good services.

I do hope the company will take action against the issue.

Unknown said...

bad service i ever received...

Unknown said...

I want to complaint the SJ Bus Service for Rawang to KL Line, the price now for Rawang to KL line is RM3.00 but the service is still very poor and bad. when go to KL need to take 2 until 3 hours to reach the destination and the time is so long for reach to the destination, other then that, for some SJ Bus driver also seem like drive the with very slow speed(30 to 40 km/j)and make me always late at the destination and the aircorn for bus also is not cool.

Unknown said...

My request to improve the johor bahru bus service especially in gelang patah. They are not on time as in the schedule. And now I'm waiting the LM1 bus from 6pm. There's still no bus here which now is 8:15pm. Its very wasted my time!!! Please do a training class for all the workers. Because some of them are very rude. Not respect with passengers even the old people.

Unhappy passenger said...

I want to complaint SP Bumi bus. Last night, i cant sleep properly because there are 4 foreigners( i guess filipinos) who talked loudly in bus. The bus driver should advice them to lower their voice instead of let them annoyed the entire passengers. Next, whats dissapointed me most is BED BUGS! Ohh come on...dear beloved bus agent, Please la do something to improve the cleanliness of the bus. I cant sleep the whole night until i arrived at Shah Alam. Journey from Kuala Terengganu to shah alam is not a few minutes,bos. It takes a whole night. :(

To sum up, i swear to myself to not take Spbumi bus anymore. And dear readers please take note this and spread this word. Thank you!

Unhappy passenger said...

There are tones of bed bugs in spbumi bus KT-SA. Do notice this,people!
Ignore or you will spend an entire night with bugs!

Unhappy passenger said...

Spbumi have bugs!

cheng woon ling said...

Complaint about Plusliner Bus:I bought 2 tickets for my parents from Klang Sentral to Ipoh Amanjaya Jay a on 1st July 2017,at 8.45am,they was told that the bus has mechanical problem when reach the terminal Klang, so just wait for mechanic come, when the passenger ask for any bus replacement, the counter officer told them just wait untill 11am,there is a bus on this schedule, but only can give the seat when there is a empty space. Just wait. Can't accept this kind of answer. The ticket is more expensive during this this period, and the officer is not polite at all.

Unknown said...

Hari ini. Bas jam 9pg. Kbr - tbs. Naik di tesco. Kejadiaannya. Cuma lambat sampai di stesen 1 minit. Kebiasaannya. Driver or staff di kaunter. Akan call passenger. For confirmation. *thats why diorang simpan nama,no ic and fon nom yg not only for insurance and safety.i pergi di kaunter for help sebab tertinggal. I pon xtahu why staf perempuan tu sgt2 rude. And dia biarkan saya di situ seumpama tak wujud. Diberi salam. Tak berjawab. Bertanya dengan sopan. Dibalasnya sinis. Ini ke perangai staff terhadap customer. I really hate it. I call for many times.. there no answer.. i tak tahu kenapa staff biasa boleh belagak mcm tu . I customer kot. Bukan i nak suruh dia hantar pergi dekat bas tu pon. Susah sangat nak tolong. Berkat sangat buat keje mcm tu. Jauh beza sangat perangai dia dengan staff kaunter tiket biasa di butterworth.. very helpful. Cuatomer tertinggal bas? Dont worry adik.. i call for you. Relax okay? . Ini. Ini cara sebenar. Kalau tak nak tolong, takperlu jadi kurang ajar. Dah besar pon tak bole fikir. I really cant accept perangai staff mcm tu. And nasib baik. I sempat naik bas yang dikejar. Ats dasar. My friends of mine call pihak atasan then call the real driver bus yg btugas.. *dia tak layan i yg cakap kl. Dia bercakap dgn baiknya dengan kawan i yang kecek kelate dengan dia. Nak maju. Jangan pilih bulu. #customerbudiman

Unknown said...

im a student writing this complain letter.i would like to complaint about pj01 free bus really upset with pj01 free bus driver.the driver was an indian guy.he dont know how to respect to a school student and the problem is my friend was standing near to the mirror of the bus so the passengers couldn't move in the the bus driver tried to say to that girl to move forward but the girl can't get it.Although he didn't use the mike to speak. the girl cant get it that because of the noisy crowd in the bus so he got shout at the girl very rudely like don't know how to respest passengers before.he can tell nicely to that girl but he wouldn't do that so its really made us upset and angry too.And also he got spoke bad words to that girl that he will took the slipper to slap the girl.Everyone in the bus was looked and laughed at the girl so the girl was ashamed.i hope the pj01 free bus owner will be take this as a report and taken seriously.Every bus driver should be kind to passengers no matter how old are they even a child too.

Unknown said...

Hai... actually I'm taking bus frm jb Larkin to kl today 3.30 pm.but the bus driver was very rude to me.1st the ticket show me platform D-24 - D-25.
But the bus at last coach. All the driver was very very rude bus num is JQK 4999.trip no:3892277.
Kindly pls take note. Kindly punish them...blady bustard driver old man. Don't knw hw to respect human. Better go hell

Unknown said...

Hari Ini Selasa 13th February.. Pagi 6.45.. Dari Kuala SelangorKe Klang.. Bus Wawasan.. Adui..I memang tak boleh tahan.. bukan i seorang saja.. ramai orang tak dapat tahan cara dia memandu.. sangat slow.kita sampai klang pukul 8.50.. lagipun i kena ambil lagi satu bus ke Shah Alam..kerja office start pukul 9 pagi.. I minta Satu Saja.. Please.. Please.. jangan hantar driver macam itu,, pada waktu pagi.. Please Arrangge good driver pada waktu pagi.. tolong maafkan.. i bukan salahkan driver itu.. i just say,tolong hantar driver yg boleh bawa laju sikit.. if anything wrong.. sorry

carrie said...

Can't find their Facebook page, website no contact info, no physical counter. Their ticket sold in tbs and easybook website.

I have worst experience with this company. I brought ticket to Singapore 7.50pm from tbs, the bus stop at Larkin, most of the passengers leaving at Larkin, left 7 of us supposed to go Singapore. The staff tell us we will change another bus to go inside Singapore. Waited 1 hour the staff say the bus is coming. Waited another hour, the staff is missing. Left 7 of us, all strangers, waiting there at 2am and no bus coming. And the staff is gone. Luckily there is one old uncle working for another company help us asking the buses that coming in, one by one to help us cross the border to woodland. How can this company so irresponsible?? I paid to go sg and they leave us at jb.

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