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Mypublictransport.com aims to provide comprehensive information about public transport services and routes in Malaysia and surrounding countries. The lack of detail about the public transport services caused inconveniences to public as well as foreign tourists. Our team will always update the routes information and provide latest news related to the public transport services in Malaysia.  Mypublictransport.com also provides platform for commenting and suggesting the present public transport and feedback to the authorities.

The approaches used by Mypublictransport.com are unique and never been archieved by other sources of information even the public transport companies itselfs. The wrong or insufficient of informations from the operators had inspire us to create this directory so that everybody can obtain information in detail. However, the inconvenience cause from the information in this directory is not our responsible. Mypublictransport.com only serves as guideline and the changes of route or any final decisions are depend on the public transport's operators.

To view our contact information, please visit the following:

Changes to routes, fares and time schedules are at the discretion of the operators. The routes , time schedule and fares provided by mypublictransport.com acts only as a guide. Any inconveniences caused are not responsible of mypublictransport.com.Most updated information should be obtained from the operators.


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